The education sector has seen several changes in the past two years. Students use laptops and tablet PCs even while inside the classroom. Coursework is accessed online. Teachers check assignments and offer feedback digitally with the school management solution. So then, why rely on old-school methods for creating a monthly or annual timetable?

As an educator, you understand the amount of effort required for scheduling classes. Thankfully, timetable management software (TMS) makes things easy. Here’s a quick look at how such platforms help all the stakeholders.


1)Paperless operation

The future of every education institution is paperless. Notes, charts, spreadsheets, and other records do end up occupying a lot of space. Why create and store a massive pile of documents for future reference? Why not create digital records and keep them in virtual storage? Besides adding hassles and errors, paperwork also costs a fortune every year. Numbers are enormous, even for small schools. As per one estimate, each school in the U.S spends roughly $100 each day on 2,000 sheets of paper. TMS removes paperwork from the equation. It enables the admin team to run a clutter-free operation. Your staff won’t have to spend hours creating records anymore. 


2)Error-free management of resources

Errors like assigning a single faculty member to two classes simultaneously are common in organizations that create timetables manually. Unfortunately, rectifying such issues takes time. And administrators often end up reallocating lecturers and classrooms from scratch again. On the other hand, TMS creates a clash-free schedule. Timetable management software alerts administrators if they have missed an allotment of a lecture. So, there’s zero scope for errors. The software analyzes the number of classrooms, lecturers, and subject specialization to plan sessions. It also ensures resources like laboratories, sports equipment, projectors, etc., are evenly distributed. 


3)Arranging substitute lecturers

Unplanned absenteeism requires rescheduling. Your TMS can recommend substitute lecturers based on their specialization. It also sends intimation to professors and guest lecturers about changes in planning. Result? Substitute teachers or guest lecturers get notifications about extra classes they need to conduct for the day. School’s schedule remains on track despite absenteeism. 


4)Notifications to stakeholders

You would definitely want to notify trainees about changes in daily schedule or faculty. Timetable software automatically sends notifications to all the stakeholders in case of updates. You wish to create a better learning environment at your institution, don’t you? Keeping students well-informed on changes helps them remain prepared. Thus, advance notifications for schedule changes are a must, whether it’s a physical or virtual classroom. 


5)Payroll calculation

Yes, timetable management software works as an excellent aid for payroll processing. Calculating the number of hours for teachers and guest lecturers becomes easy. The long-drawn process of manually tallying their leaves and unplanned absenteeism becomes manageable. Payroll calculations become hassle-free. 


6)No scope for manipulation

Every organization faces administrative problems. With automation in place, there’s no scope for favoritism. The management can ensure lectures and other responsibilities get equally distributed among teachers. Those who fail to fulfill their obligations can be held accountable due to foolproof records. 


7)Promotes transparency in the organization

Automation introduces transparency in the administration. As teachers have access to all the records, they do not feel overburdened or exploited. They have a lot less to worry about timetable management. This enables them to focus more on students and study materials. And remember, work satisfaction helps the organization retain teachers for a long time. 

Timetable software shares schedules with parents. And this makes it easy to keep track of modules their child is learning during physical or virtual classroom sessions. 


8)Scope for automation

It’s evident that every school might not introduce AR, AI, VR, and other technologies. Changes happen slowly, depending on the organization’s financial position. But, timetable automation can prove a good start towards the direction. No matter the number of locations, classrooms you operate, or subjects you offer, the system automatically creates a unique schedule based on your inputs. As a result, administrators and teachers can relax, thanks to the “auto” scheduling mode. 


9)Administrative records for audits

Every school has to keep academic performance records and make them available for auditing as and when required. Digital records make life easy for the public and government auditors. Administrators can generate weekly, monthly or annual reports based on class, course, or teachers. On-premise data storage servers are history. Cloud-based servers are safe and secure. Your hosting service provider also creates a backup for data. So you won’t lose records even in case of natural disasters. 


10)Integration with other systems

Ideal timetable system integrates with course management tools, email and text messaging clients, calendar apps, and other human resource solutions. Your software vendor may also offer additional integrations. 


11)Completely customizable

Timetable software programs are customizable. You can tailor the same based on grades, languages, the number of schools, and other scheduling needs. The configuration is simple. Such software programs are web-based or mobile app-based. They are straightforward to operate. Therefore, you can expect them to work perfectly in many academic settings. 

The endnote: –Subject scheduling should not make trainees feel bored or tired. Thus, administrators handle the tedious task of balancing the needs of trainees and the availability of teachers at the same time. Both teachers and administrators face challenges while planning monthly or annual schedules. So why not make the job easy for everyone? Connect with team MyEdu. Let our edutech experts offer the best timetable scheduling system for your institution.

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