School Management Application


Why Each School Should Have School Management Software

It’s time to advance everyday school operations. Digitalization has forced educational institutes to use school management solutions. Whether you want to improve efficiency and productivity in school day-in, day-out operations, or promote effective communication, the school management system works! Want to explore the importance of school management software? Read on this article uncovers the top reasons to have a school

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How can School ERP drive positive ROI for your school?

Whether it’s home or office, we are everywhere surrounded by technology. The technological systems and gadgets are always with us. Digitalization has completely redefined the way we operate. The businesses have already started taking advantage of this revolution, and the educational field is no longer an exception. Technology has provided tons of beneficial gadgets and software to the education industry,

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How has the COVID19 Crisis Triggered Drastic Changes In India’s Education System?

Government-run schools, as well as private institutions in India, have introduced several reforms in the country’s education model. However, archaic practices persist in the system. The COVID19 pandemic has forced almost every educational institution to respond to challenges that they often preferred to ignore or placed on the backburner. Overcoming The Obstacles For Introducing A Change Until last year, several

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Inquiry Management & Dashboard Module of School Management Software

Schools now face a major challenge to tackle various issues related to student management. Both parents and students are now highly conscious and want schools to deliver success to the students. There is a need for a platform that offers schools, students and parents, real-time information and here lies the value of School automation software. The progress of information technology

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Here’s How School Management Systems Are Keeping Teachers & Students Connected During COVID-19 Crisis

Alarm bells had started ringing since the last week of February in several countries. As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, many schools around the world decided to shutter down for a few weeks. The same is the case in India due to the nation-wide lockdown. Currently, schools and colleges are closed in most parts of India. They are expected to

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How Is AI Changing The Education Industry?

AI Education and Ethics Artificial intelligence (AI) denotes machine intelligence that enables intricate computer systems to replicate and perform cognitive functions just like human beings. This simulation of natural intelligence is a broad computer science discipline that facilitates the creation of machines that can perform human tasks like natural language processing (NLP), problem-solving, learning, planning, etc. From intelligent camera sensors

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Can The Online Admission System Prove Beneficial For Educational Institutions?

Parents prefer reading reviews written by Edu experts as well as those from former students before selecting the institution for their child’s admission. A school website with detailed information about the study syllabus and pictures of the premises are basic things that every parent expects. Besides maintaining a world-class website, supporting online admission is the need of the hour for

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Myths of the Free School Management App

The use of free school management app is gaining popularity in schools across the world. The interest in this app is increasing as more schools are buying it because of the positives that it brings to classroom learning. However, there are dissenting views on the use of this app in schools. Those against the system have brought out their own

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How is The Concept Of The Smart Classroom Transforming India’s Education System?

Education systems around the world happen to be slow to change and are outmoded. Several concerned citizens, scholars, politicians, and bureaucrats support the need for reimagining and reinventing the same.  Private schools have been the early adopters of smart classroom systems. However, effective classroom management & the best education system in the world won’t be ready in a day or

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Importance Of Safer School Bus And Transport Management System

There was a time when children used to attend a nearby school within walking distance of their homes and the world was a safer place since everyone knew everyone in the neighbourhood. Today, it is vastly different. Cities have grown larger. Parents are choosy about schools for their children and some of the best schools may be about 30 to

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