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Here’s How To Improve Teacher Productivity With School App

As the world of education is rapidly changing with the constant evolution in technologies, the traditional methods of teaching are changing their due course. From marking daily attendance, managing the piles of paperwork, preparing assignments, assigning homework, mapping the performance of students, maintaining exam schedules, releasing the results, conducting parents-teachers meet, and many more. Not just teaching a teacher solely

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How has the COVID19 Crisis Triggered Drastic Changes In India’s Education System?

Government-run schools, as well as private institutions in India, have introduced several reforms in the country’s education model. However, archaic practices persist in the system. The COVID19 pandemic has forced almost every educational institution to respond to challenges that they often preferred to ignore or placed on the backburner. Overcoming The Obstacles For Introducing A Change Until last year, several

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Importance Of Safer School Bus And Transport Management System

There was a time when children used to attend a nearby school within walking distance of their homes and the world was a safer place since everyone knew everyone in the neighbourhood. Today, it is vastly different. Cities have grown larger. Parents are choosy about schools for their children and some of the best schools may be about 30 to

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Effective Time Management Tips for School Administrators

School administrators are a harried lot. They have so many things to do and even as work piles up, new ones arrive to add to their burden and it is no surprise if their schedules go all out of whack. School managers must be masters at juggling time and getting things done on time every day to ensure smooth functioning.

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Top 5 Technology Mistakes That Every School Makes

Schools must have information technology in their operations. Schools have administrative sides and the teaching sides. Both can be integrated into one centralized school management software which would be the best way forward but then management rarely has that vision. Cost is a deterrent and another factor is the changeover to technology that would involve training for everyone concerned. Even

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Can Technology in Schools Arouse Student Curiosity?

Curiosity killed the cat is an old saying. However, in the case of human children curiosity can have great positive impacts on their development and knowledge acquisition. Ally curiosity with technology and it makes for a potent combination. Technology in schools can help students to know more and learn more. Children are Curious Children, by nature, are curious. Some are

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