A student inquiry management system is an efficient school management system that is used to manage all aspects of the student inquiry procedure for an educational campus. It keeps track of everything starting from lead capturing to list segmentation while maintaining the progress of each inquiry and preventing duplicity of leads. The module organizes the raw data involving the leads acquired via offline and online modes systematically to assure no duplication or leakages of leads. 

Benefits of the student inquiry management system

Some of the key benefits that educational institutes can get by implementing a school inquiry management system include: 

  • Provides efficient tracking of lead’s inquiry from start to end
  • Keeps a detailed record of all kinds of inquiries
  • Assures efficient student inquiry management
  • Keeps a record of all communication details
  • Facilitate auto inquiry
  • Assures reliability while saving a lot of time and effort
  • Allows easy management of old inquiries and follow-ups

How does a student inquiry management system work?

By implementing an advanced student inquiry management system, educational institutes can prevent the need of maintaining a large amount of data generated via the leads in the excel sheets. The system is quite easy to use and maintain. The management just has to feed the information in the system and the system will organize all the data systematically. Using this system, the administrators can easily maintain the track of the leads and all the communication by multiple level source tracking. 

Key features of a student inquiry management system

Some of the key features of a student inquiry management system are:

Lead capturing:

With the swiftly growing digital revolution, it has become easier for educational institutes to connect with a large number of leads through social media campaigns. They can use various effective sources such as phone inquiries, chat inquiries, Facebook Ads, walk-ins, and others to auto capture the students’ leads. This automation process allows the educational institute’s management system to manage and organize all the leads efficiently at a single platform. This way it eliminates the chances of duplication of leads and leakages to third parties. 

Analyzing lead data:

An education institute receives a massive amount of inquiries related to each course that they provide. However, not all the inquiries are a lead as some students just want to have an overview of the campus or some may want to get details of a course to compare it with other institutes. For educational campuses, it becomes necessary to filter out the important data related to the potential or interested lead. With the help of a student inquiry management system, management can easily save genuine inquiries and completely focus on them.

Eliminating lead duplication:

There are several students and parents who make inquiries on a frequent basis which increases the chances of generating duplicate data in the system. However, with the help of an inquiry management system, management can reduce the chances of lead duplication. The system also eliminates the requirement of manual data entry, thereby streamlining the time and efforts of the education management staff. 

Better targeting of the leads:

An advanced inquiry management software helps educational institute management to easily target the potential leads. The staff can fully focus on targeting the better leads in various ways like:

  • Optimizing the list of leads by analyzing the right prospects.
  • Optimizing the leads based on various factors like their origin, gender, location, and previous conversation they had with the educational institute management. This way, the staff the easily track the genuine leads. 
  • Creating small segments from several filtered contacts. These segments can focus on the preferences and interests of various student leads. 
  • Converting the leads in a cost-efficient and reliable way.

With the help of an advanced school management system like the student inquiry management system, educational institutes can easily achieve their key goals which include selecting the right candidates. The software filters out the best potential leads from a large pool of inquiries, while saving a lot of time and effort for the institutes. Institutes can entirely focus on converting the potential inquiries into leads. 


To conclude, in today’s educational environment where there are several institutes striving to provide the best education, it has become essential to implement the right tools to gain potential leads. A student inquiry management system is perhaps the best tool which is not only economical but also highly effective in making the entire enrollment process a more streamlined one for the educational institutes. It is worth investing in such a type of school management system if you want to reduce the time and effort involved in managing student inquiries, selecting the potential inquiries and converting those inquiries into leads. If you are looking for an advanced inquiry management system, you must connect with MyEdu which provides customizable student inquiry management software as per the institute’s key requirements. You can even request a demo to get the key insights into this software. 

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