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Why Is Competition Necessary in Student’s Life?

Competition is ingrained in life and it is a part of evolution. Only the best get to the top. It is no different in studies and career. Healthy competition contributes to the growth of students and prepares them for life which in itself is competitive. Competition leads to excellence If there is competition among students it inspires each one to

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Do colleges benefit from using dedicated financial management software?

India is set to become one of the top educational hubs. The country’s higher education system happens to be the third-largest in the world. The sector witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of educational institutions since the last decade. However, these days, all is not well. Colleges shutting down in various states Problems faced by students in colleges make

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How to Increase Students for Coaching Classes in India?

Headcount is what contributes to the profitability of coaching classes and educational institutions in India. Sometimes it may see that schools and colleges focus more on revenue generation rather than the quality of education. It is no secret that the standard of teachers and the standard of education is simply not enough. This may be one reason contributing to the

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How Can College ERP Software Solutions Help Institutions Function Systematically

After earning the secondary school certificate (SSC) in India, the average time to complete a graduate degree is five years. Simply put, the student needs to spend five years in the college that he or she selects. Switching from one college or university to the other is complicated due to the transfer of credit and other procedures. Thus, students and

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