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A Guide to School Management Software

Each year schools and colleges welcome a lot of students to their premises for admissions. A lot of money, time and resources are spent by them in this process. When it is done manually, it puts a lot of pressure on the admin staff to record every detail and keep the forms properly. But this can be made easy by

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Top Hidden Features of Fees Management Software That Will Make Your Life Easier

Your employees use feature-rich MyEdu school management software and fall into a routine. In the process, one may not discover hidden features that speed up the process and improve relationships with parents. Find out the top hidden features that live within the school fees management system and one can get the work done much more faster. Fee Schedule The innocuous-looking

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How to Manage School Branches Using a Multi-School Management System?

There was a time when schools were run as purely educational institutions, subsisting on fees and grants. Today, the scenario is different. Schools are big business. Some of the best and most sought after schools are run first as a business and then as centres of learning. This, in itself, is not a bad idea since a well-funded school can

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Effective Time Management Tips for School Administrators

School administrators are a harried lot. They have so many things to do and even as work piles up, new ones arrive to add to their burden and it is no surprise if their schedules go all out of whack. School managers must be masters at juggling time and getting things done on time every day to ensure smooth functioning.

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