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What An Advanced Library Automation System Can Do To Encourage Reading?

Library automation systems are essential tools for managing the services provided by libraries. Library automation systems are designed to maintain, develop, and control the collection. Hence, the Benefits of the Library Management System are numerous. The Library automation system generally offers pre-programmed public access online catalog. It can be tailored to the specific needs of the library.  WHAT IS LIBRARY

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Challenges and Solutions of Library Automation in College Libraries

Libraries – An Overview The importance of libraries in today’s world is extraordinary, especially when millennials and centennials have distanced themselves from the pursuit of knowledge. These victims of technological progression and a consumerist culture are wasting precious hours of their lives immersed in virtual reality. Libraries, especially school and college ones, are becoming deserted halls, infected with cobwebs crawling

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What is the Role and Importance of College Management Software?

As digitization has evolved in every sector of the economy, many sectors are adopting this technology for their smooth functionality. Along with various other sectors, the education sector is also adopting this technology at a rapid pace. Computerization and automated technology have made things much easier for schools, colleges, and universities. It has streamlined the whole administrative, academic, and financial

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Can face recognition attendance system prove beneficial for schools and colleges?

Maintaining attendance records is one of the most crucial tasks for educational institutions. In some state-run schools, attendance percentage is considered as an essential factor in the student’s final semester score. Thus, the face recognition attendance system is making life easy for administrators. The world is witnessing a wider adoption of biometric systems in schools and colleges. Institutions are opting

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Why Is Competition Necessary in Student’s Life?

Competition is ingrained in life and it is a part of evolution. Only the best get to the top. It is no different in studies and career. Healthy competition contributes to the growth of students and prepares them for life which in itself is competitive. Competition leads to excellence If there is competition among students it inspires each one to

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Do colleges benefit from using dedicated financial management software?

India is set to become one of the top educational hubs. The country’s higher education system happens to be the third-largest in the world. The sector witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of educational institutions since the last decade. However, these days, all is not well. Colleges shutting down in various states Problems faced by students in colleges make

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How to Increase Students for Coaching Classes in India?

Headcount is what contributes to the profitability of coaching classes and educational institutions in India. Sometimes it may see that schools and colleges focus more on revenue generation rather than the quality of education. It is no secret that the standard of teachers and the standard of education is simply not enough. This may be one reason contributing to the

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How College Management Software Ease The Admission Management Process?

Does your Educational Institute Still Use The Traditional Admission Process? Do you want to switch to the online admission management process? Admission process management via a college management software offers simple, easy, and quick operations to accomplish the tedious tasks. Conventionally, admission to any educational institute is handled through a manual process. In which, there are many cumbersome tasks such

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Why College Management Software Proves To Be An Effective Solution For Higher Education?

The students from the next-gen expect a lot from the schools and colleges. Thus, there is no short-cut when it comes to modernization of the education system. The college management solution (ERP) plays a critical role in the same. What is college management system? Simply put, the college management system or higher education ERP takes care of some of the

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