How can School ERP drive positive ROI for your school?

Whether it’s home or office, we are everywhere surrounded by technology. The technological systems and gadgets are always with us. Digitalization has completely redefined the way we operate. The businesses have already started taking advantage of this revolution, and the educational field is no longer an exception. Technology has provided tons of beneficial gadgets and software to the education industry,

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Things to focus on while selecting a School Management Software

The education sector is witnessing a fierce competition since the last decade. Every educational institution’s management needs to ensure they offer the best infrastructure and administration for remaining ahead in the race. Technology, in the form of school management systems, helps in doing just that. Thus, it has become the world of education’s latest cool quotient. What is the school

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How Can School ERP Software Help in Enhancing The Indian Education System?

From the ambiance of the school, security arrangements, to the methods of teaching used by teachers, educational institutes in India have changed a lot since the last decade. Not private, but even government schools in states like Delhi have taken initiatives to raise the standard of education. Technology, especially, systems like school ERP, has played a key role in making

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