School Attendance Software


How School Management App helps students to stay connected with the School during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is not entirely under control yet. So, schools and colleges around the world may need to continue with a home-based learning policy during the next few months. School ERP systems and management apps play a crucial role in helping administrators, teachers, and parents ensure the learning process continues while trainees remain at home. These modern administration

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Here’s how the attendance management system can reduce workload and improve teachers’ efficiency

The attendance management system is software that creates a digital record for students’ presence in the school. The system uses cloud-based servers and is entirely paperless. Institutions can opt for a manual attendance system or thumb impression/card-based bio metric one. In the case of a manual attendance system, the teacher needs to manually mark students as present or absent for

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How Attendance Tracker Can Solve Attendance Problems?

Many of us have gone through school and college with our names being called by the teacher at the beginning of each class for attendance. Many others experienced a more advanced system where you had to punch in your ID card in a sensor, while a few of the students went through the transition from the pen-and-paper to the automated

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Can MyEdu App resolve parent-teacher communication issues faced by schools and colleges?

Students who know about regular communication between their parents and teachers tend to show more effort and perform better in school. On the other hand, kids from schools where there’s no parent-teacher communication, often end up pitting the two against each other. It proves counterproductive and creates problems for all three stakeholders. Studies have already demonstrated how the involvement of

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Can face recognition attendance system prove beneficial for schools and colleges?

Maintaining attendance records is one of the most crucial tasks for educational institutions. In some state-run schools, attendance percentage is considered as an essential factor in the student’s final semester score. Thus, the face recognition attendance system is making life easy for administrators. The world is witnessing a wider adoption of biometric systems in schools and colleges. Institutions are opting

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How Can School Attendance Software Prove Useful For Students And Teachers?

Schools, colleges, coaching centers, and other educational institutions often find attendance tracking as well as data management as one of the crucial challenges. The next-generation biometric authentication and attendance monitoring systems have made life easy for the school administrators these days. The use of technology also promotes the involvement of parents in school affairs as the student’s presence, and classroom

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