6 Popular Tech Trends Noticeable in the Education Sector

Managing various aspects of school administration is a painstaking task. Maintaining a smooth workflow in each department is crucial.

Schools are facing a lot of uncertainty since last year. Technology is aiding institutions suffering due to a lack of workforce and funds. Here are six trends in the education sector that are visible worldwide. 

1)Hybrid models of learning getting preference

Christensen Institute, a nonprofit, conducted a study to track standard practices in schools. Their data suggests most institutions implemented hybrid learning. The model consists of a mix of online and face-to-face education. 

Students can use a video conferencing platform to attend the lecture. They also have the recourse to join in the same classroom session in person. 

Until September 2020, most institutions had adopted remote learning. A considerable percentage of schools changed their model to a hybrid one. Besides developed countries, the trend is also visible in developing ones worldwide. Yet again, the Delta variant of coronavirus can turn the situation around. The physical classroom teaching model faces uncertainty due to new COVID-19 cases.

2)Education ERP software is helping educators

Educators often need to spend their time performing tedious and repetitive tasks. With school administration software in place, teachers can indulge in more productive activities. 

  • Non-productivity activities 

Trainers dislike reading the names of library defaulters. They do not appreciate fee payment reminder notices and handling attendance data. No wonder, after all, why should a teacher indulge in administrative activities? 

Why not let trainers remain focused on students instead of handling other tasks? Education ERP manages time-consuming activities with a click of a button. 

The ERP software integrates with learning management systems or biometric devices outside classrooms. It automates the creation of attendance records. The trainer does not need to check digital classroom attendance. Every student’s presence gets marked when they log in.  

The software enables teachers to collaborate outside the classroom. The feature is crucial even during 2021, as days of classroom learning still seem far away.

  • Saves time 

It goes without saying that students can complete and submit assignments online. Teachers do not have to create records for grades and marks for each student. The school ERP integrates with the online exam module to generate mark sheets.

Professors can upload notes in the form of PDF or text documents. The option can work for students who live in areas with weak internet connectivity. In other words, the school management software can improve teaching methods.  

Administrators can create timetables and share schedules with teachers as well as trainees.

Sports and curricular activities to academic progress, institutes can track everything. 

3)Parent-teacher communication apps

The coronavirus has affected traditional education practices. During these uncertain times, parent-teacher collaboration is necessary for the child’s progress. 

Last year, parents wore a teacher’s hat for a few months. The learning curve is over for everyone. Yet, trainers remain the propelling force when it comes to teaching new concepts. 

Students, teachers, and administrators can communicate via options like emails, calls, and forums. You might wonder why several schools have launched dedicated parent-teacher communication apps?

Parent-teacher communication apps work as an open line for contact. Parents who handle their child’s education can share their concerns with the trainer. They won’t feel stranded at any point. Enhancing communication between various stakeholders is one of the critical benefits. It can work with websites, school forums, and the institution’s mobile applications.  

It works both ways. Trainers have the ability to connect with guardians via the app. They can send notifications for attendance or academic performance issues.

4)Apps helping parents and teachers to track students 

Apps and web portals allow trainees and guardians to check info on their own. There is no need for parents to bother the teacher or school staff. 

Daily schedules, attendance, exam timetables, assignment results, or homework progress always remain available. Access to relevant and accurate details helps in saving time and resources. 

5)School administration systems helping institutions operate with the least resources

Now you might ask, how can administrators benefit due to parent-teacher communication apps? 

  • Almost zero paperwork 

There won’t be report card printing, physical form filling, or paperwork. The software automates several tasks. Thus, there is almost zero need for paperwork. Your organization can save a fortune on the amount of paper cost. 

  • Analyzing data to take corrective action 

The software tracks the use of online resources and course content. The feature gives an idea about what’s appreciated by students while learning online. The system generates a student-wise report for the number of hours spent on LMS modules.

Administrators and teachers can analyze the captured data. Then take necessary corrective actions for the trainees’ improvement. 

  • Managing administrative tasks from a remote location 

Administrators have the added responsibility of tracking faculty member’s work. Plus, creating records for their working hours remains crucial for payroll processing. They also need to arrange extra lecturers as and when required. 

The school management system plays a crucial role in all these tasks. Handling everything from a central location with limited staffing becomes possible.

6)Mix-and-match study materials 

Trainees in smaller towns cannot attend online classes due to the slower internet. Teachers and administrators offer rich text and images based learning materials. Audio podcasts and video recordings for lectures are available for such students. 

The mix-and-match study materials trend is common in developing countries. These nations have little or no wired internet connectivity. 


The coronavirus crisis has triggered an e-learning boom. Several institutions have implemented technology-based learning systems during the pandemic. Are you waiting to digitize your institution’s infrastructure? The current scenario is the best to upgrade to school ERP and save a fortune.

Is your institution planning to put in place the latest technology in the form of school ERP? Do you think about features your organization requires? Payroll, certificate generator, fee collection, admission management, and accounting features are a must. 

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