The admission time is one of the busiest and most demanding periods for every educational institution. From creating admission forms to collecting fees, it requires serious time and effort from the management and administrative team. However, the advent of the school management system made the admission process a lot easier and more efficient for staff members and applicants.

At MyEdu, our school management system has streamlined the admission process of many educational institutions and enabled them to select the most deserving candidates. In this blog post, we discuss eight reasons why every educational institution should use a school management system for its admission process.

1)Enables applicants from far and wide to apply to their preferred institutions

A few years back, if anyone wanted to apply for admission into an educational institution they had to travel to the admission office, wait in the queue, get a form, fill it up, and submit it. Those who stayed far from their choice of institutions were unable to apply until and unless they made an in-person visit to the institute’s office. However, the advent of the school management system changed that. The educational institutions using the system enable applicants from far and wide to apply and get a fair chance of getting selected. Since its inception, the system has changed the lives of many students.

2)Makes the process more efficient

The traditional method of admission was marred with inefficiencies and had many defects. Using a school management system, educational institutions can streamline the admission process and make it more efficient. Instead of waiting in long queues, applicants can download the forms, fill them up, and send those online. Institutes can verify all critical information and collect admission fees easily. They can customize admission forms as per their needs. The process that usually took a lot of time in the traditional method becomes simpler and much more organized with an admission management system.

3)Provides support and a step-by-step guide

Some may think that online form fill-up is an extremely complicated process, which only tech-savvy people can complete with ease. But that isn’t the case. The institutes that use the school management system provide step-by-step guides and support to applicants. It also has frequently asked questions and helpline numbers to enable applicants to get in touch with admission officers if they get stuck with the process and need assistance to proceed with the following steps.

4)Efficient data storage and management

One of the major flaws of the traditional admission system was the inefficiency in data storage and management. During admission time, heaps of application forms, bundles of papers, and stacks of files lying here and there were a common sight in the administrative departments. A sophisticated school management system stores all documents as well as student information in digital format. It keeps the data safe and retrieves them quickly.

5)Online payment of admission fees

Despite its many shortcomings, cash payment was the norm rather than the exception just a couple of years back. However, the pandemic changed it. Online payment not only became a lifesaver but also enabled people to make a payment anytime of the day and from anywhere in the world. It also wired the money straight into the payee’s bank account and made the transaction a lot safer and more efficient. The educational institutions that use the school management system enable applicants to make online fee payments and make the transaction safe and convenient for all parties involved.

6)Helps in making the admission process paperless

The traditional admission process involved a lot of paperwork. From paper admission forms to heavy registers to various photocopies, the process wastes tonnes of paper every year. With a sophisticated school management system, however, educational institutions no longer need to waste huge amounts of paper and can march closer to their paperless goals. The system makes the entire process eco-friendly and can save millions of trees from being cut down every year.

7)Helps in the screening of deserving candidates

In the traditional admission process, screening for the right candidate is not always foolproof. Some applicants give fake documents, letters of recommendation, essays, and papers, as well as grade sheets. Educational institutions don’t always have the mechanisms to verify the materials and screen the most deserving applicants. But a sophisticated school management system enables educational institutions to employ the highest level of scrutiny and ensure the authenticity of every document. Apart from the high accuracy, the screening process is faster, more secure, and more efficient.

8)Reports and effective communication

In the traditional admission process, there was less transparency in the selection process and a lack of communication between the administration and applicants. Only the qualifying candidates received messages about their selection. The remaining non-eligible applicants remained in the dark about their application and never got to know where they fell short. But the school management system provides reports and updates to all applicants and enables them to know the status of their application.

Overall, it may be concluded

The advent of the school management system has streamlined everything from the admission process to conducting exams and creating reports. MyEdu school management system has helped many educational institutions to make their admission process more efficient, accessible, and friendly for all applicants. If you are looking to improve your admission process and beyond, contact us to know how our school management system can transform your educational institution.

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