Each year schools and colleges welcome a lot of students to their premises for admissions. A lot of money, time and resources are spent by them in this process. When it is done manually, it puts a lot of pressure on the admin staff to record every detail and keep the forms properly.

But this can be made easy by using a school management system software. It helps in reducing the stress caused by the admission process when it is done manually. Having an online admission process makes it very easy for the staff and saves time and resources. With its features, it also helps in gaining a lot of competitive advantage.

What is the best school management software?

School management software is one of the best software to effectively manage the administrative activities of the schools.[1]  It lets the school monitor and manages its activities resources and information in one place. Online School management is used to increase efficiency productivity which in turn saves a lot of time.

It automates all the work from the recording of attendance to the generation of reports. It lets parents keep a record of their kid’s performance and has reduced the chances of mistakes by eliminating the data management with pen and paper. It also saves the school a lot of money by shifting the staff’s focus on something more important.

Features of school management system software

School management applications come with its benefits and features for admin parents and students. Few of the features of the online School management system are mentioned below:

Features for admin

  • Instant announcement:

Software lets the administrative office make announcements in real-time. As a result of which the students get the announcements on time and can further prepare themselves accordingly.

  •   Easy staff management

School management application lets you manage your staff easily with the help of the inbuilt feature of shift management, effective distribution of work and keeping a record of incentives.

  • Easy publishing of results

Another good feature of it for admins includes scheduling the exams easily. Along with that, it also lets you publish the results.

  •   Management of fees

One of the most useful features of it is the management of fees. It lets you check the transaction history and notify the parents about the fee and various payment modes’ due dates.

Features for parents

  • Parents can check their kid’s attendance easily

School management software lets the parents check the attendance of their kids. The app also sends the parents’ notification if the kid is present in class or not.

  • Homework details and schedule updates

Online School management software lets the parents check the homework that was given to their kids. It also lets them check the remarks and the suggestions given by the teacher on the kid’s homework. Jeevan tells if the homework was submitted on time or not. This software also gives the parents continuous updates on fees, examinations events etc.

  •   Exam and result updates

A parent can check their kid’s examination schedule and their scorecard with it.

Features for student

  • Notifications related to placement

School management software lets the student check the number of employers interested in hiring students from their campus. It will also update their offer and placement status and a final offer to other candidates.

  •   Examine results update

The school Management System software gives the student updates about their exams and results and keeps them prepared.

  • Features for teachers and faculty

All the features, as mentioned above, are also used by the teachers and the faculty. Teachers can easily record attendance, make changes to the timetable, and assign homework to students and write their marks.

How does a school management system work?

Online School Management software helps you to record data quickly. The software makes it easy to manage the registration work. It lets you manage and customize data as per your rules and regulations.

This software lets the student enroll online, where they can see all the courses and schedules. This software is easy to use for students who wish to secure a seat in your Institute. It also lets you send admission forms to parents in the digital format and lets you add more admissions in a short time.

It brings together parents, teachers, and administration and allows easy communication between them anytime.

Why is the school management system needed?

The School Management System makes school work easy and eliminates the chances of error. Below mentioned are a few points which will help you to determine why a school needs a school Management System software:

  • Easy view of attendance records

School management software’s main feature is to record attendance. It lets you record the attendance and create a report based on class student gender and any other variable you want. The system also sends an SMS to the parent in case their kid is absent.

  • Homework management

It is easy to upload, download complete assignments notes and the students’ projects because everyone can access the system. Student skill also experiences integration of colour pictures and other attachments and can easily refer to older documents.

  • Better exam management

Online School management system accommodates the requirement of the school management. Kit it lets you create an examination on the app and grade the students accordingly. Even if the examination is conducted outside the application, teachers can post the result on the system.

  •   Easy fee payment

When the semester begins, the banks have long lines to pay the fee, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, the system allows parents to make payments online. It saves a lot of time and reduces the issues of late fees.

  • Better communication

School Management software is a platform where parents, teachers, students and school administration are connected. It makes it easier to inform everyone about school activities and does not take a lot of time.

  •   Tracking of school vehicle

The application lets you monitor the vehicle’s route, its odometer and schedule maintenance. It helps to increase the parent’s confidence in school because this puts the children’s safety first.

  •   Helps with student admission

With the digitization of work, maintaining the record of prospective students has become easy and has reduced paper use. The application also let’s students access their record maintained in the database even after they have graduated.

  • Parents can access it too

Online School management systems help connect school and parent and help keep the parent informed about their kids’ progress in development. The information about the kid’s progress is available to the parents all time, and they can check it at any time they want.

  •   Managing staff efficiently

This software also makes it easy to manage your staff. It keeps a record of the attendance salary, and compensation calculations leave etc. It also lets you pay the salary with the help of just a few clicks.

  • Workable inventory management

It also helps keep a good inventory record for products like supplies, uniforms or books. It keeps you informed about this stock availability items unavailability, and it also creates purchase order requests automatically.

Final words

In today’s time, everything needs to be automated and digitized. Digitization of work is not just important for businesses but also for schools and colleges. The only way to do it is to use a very good online School Management System software. It will help schools to maintain the records effectively and efficiently. If you are looking for an effective school management system,  Schedule a FREE demo with MyEdu for customized software.

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