In this era of the coronavirus pandemic, managing school activities is not as easy it was until last year. Teachers need resources and tools for making virtual learning enjoyable. Students need access to study materials for absorbing as much knowledge as possible. Parents need to remain aware and assist kids in their daily home study activities. Most importantly, the admin team needs to manage attendance, organize study materials, plan regular schedules, and manage math. All of this can happen if stakeholders get access to the best resources and tools. 

There are several options like the school ERP, school management app, and the academic management system (AMS). Every solution has a different set of features, and as the name suggests, the AMS has more academic features in store for schools and colleges. 

The academic management software can be tuned to cater to the requirements of administrative staff, teachers, students, guest faculty, location head, dean, and other officials from the institution. 

The web software can be developed with the latest technologies, including the SQL server and .Net platform, ensuring it remains ubiquitously accessible and user-friendly. 

The system assists in online fee collection, e-learning, faculty management, student management, course management, etc. It has something for everyone, from administrators, faculty members, students, to the security in-charge of the premises. Here’s how the system can benefit educational institutions. 

Helping the existing workforce in managing tasks 

The best academic management system helps the existing workforce with the help of automation tools. The organization won’t have to hire new employees during the admission, and examination period. The system works with other ERP, fee management, and learning management solutions.

Automation in data entry, admission documentation, fees payment, parent-teacher communication, and digital examinations reduce the need for additional human resources. It helps in reducing the burden faced by the admin team as well as teachers. 

Monitoring multiple locations 

School administration can track students’ attendance for physical and digital classrooms, monitor working hours of teachers and guest tutors, and check the academic performance of every student. The centrally located admin team can check the financial transactions and overall position of every branch with the help of the online school management software

Error-free experience 

An online academic management system is software that can automate various procedures. Thus, there is almost no scope for human errors. The programming works according to the rules defined by the administrative team. 

Makes the organization efficient 

Organizational efficiency is a crucial ingredient for success. The AMS helps the institution save time and plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of existing systems and staff. 

Improving the teaching standards 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced several institutions to take their classrooms online. Most schools were not ready with digital study materials; teachers were not trained to conduct classes online. So, today, educational institutions in India and other developing countries face the challenge of improving their teaching standards within a limited period. The academic management system helps teachers in course management, organizing study materials, and planning online exams. 

Improves communication with multiple channels 

The academic management system integrates with parent-teacher apps, forums, and the institute’s website. It reduces the communication gap between tutors, guardians, as well as administrators. It enables direct communication between the three stakeholders, resulting in the overall improvement of the child’s performance due to excellent parent-teacher communication. 

Attendance automation 

The academic management system works with digital attendance management solutions. It integrates with RFID cards or biometrics-based attendance systems. So, the days are outnumbered for physical register-based attendance management practices. Attendance automation helps teachers and administrators with much needed time to focus on other crucial activities. 

Tracking the child’s performance 

The guardians can keep track of the child’s classroom performance, and get updates for post-module assignments. Not just educational achievement, but administrators can share the student’s performance during sports activities and cultural events with parents. Online tests ensure complete transparency. Grading students’ performance becomes transparent as the system automates the complete procedure. School administrators and parents can access detailed evaluation reports. 

Benefits at a glance 

The best academic management system is always designed, considering the standard practices that higher education institutes follow. These state-of-the-art systems are designed to suit various users’ roles for ensuring they get access to administrative, academic functions in the software that are relevant to them. Features can be accessed from any location, using multiple types of devices. 

  • The academic management system offers students’ management portal so that trainee’s end-to-end activities and deliverables. 
  • The business reports section can help generate various reports in just a few clicks. 
  • There’s a parent portal dedicated to guardians. Parents can track attendance, classroom behavior remarks, and school bus locations as well. 
  • The faculty portal in the best academic management system helps tutors check the assigned tasks, daily schedules, parents’ queries, etc. Teachers can select questions for the assignment, file completion reports, and even share study materials using the same portal. 
  • The administrative portal enables the admin team members to govern all the aspects of the ERP software enhancing the education system.  

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