All You Need To Know About The College Automation System

All the schools and colleges are now moving towards the digital transformation, which has helped industries like banking, manufacturing, commerce, and corporate streamline increase their efficiency.

The digital transformation can help colleges in ways like saving the faculty’s time, storage and analysis of the academic and administrative data, engaging students through digital culture, improved communication, etc. It can be achieved in schools and colleges by implementing a college automation system that can smoothen schools’ functioning and colleges.

What is a college ERP system?

The college ERP or College enterprise resource planning system is an ERP which is well organized to be used in school and colleges. It keeps all the activities required for college under one application. It includes registration cum Admission, Fees, Time Table, etc. modules with the improved reporting system. The primary concern for the software companies in the Indian market is to fill the gap for the college automation system. This software lets you export reports in different formats like pdf, Xls, HTML, etc. Essential features of college ERP system includes:

  • Multiple College Branches Managed under a single solution.
  • Responsive Web application- (Mobile, Tab, Computer)
  • Preconfigured all College policies to minimize user intervention and reduce dependency.
  • Complete college ERP from inquiry to alumni.
  • Managing all stakeholders like Student, Parents, Teacher, Staff, Principal, Admin, Management.
  • Online Fee with instant Easy Loan Facility (Within 2 Minutes/No Guarantor required) for Students
  • Role-Based System as per user rights.
  • Multilevel Automated Workflow.
  • GPS tracking through mobile APP
  • Online Payment with Instant Loan facility for students
  • Third-Party Integration likes Biometric, IP Camera, Bus/ Van GPS.

What is a college automation system?

A college automation system is an application that digitizes and streamlines the operation of colleges and universities. The procedure varies from admission management to class management to human resource management to finance management and many more. It helps carry out the everyday chores online and helps manage admin, academic, and non-academic activities.

It benefits by having a single username for everything connected and analyze the future of the data captured by the modules. The college administration system is an evolved form of MIS, a data collection and analysis tool. It is further used to make the right decisions.

In the college administration system, it will have functions for both the students and management. It can manage the parent, teacher, and student’s life cycle and the financial, academic, and admin activities.

What is ERP in education?

ERP is an abbreviation for the Enterprise Resource Planning system. In simple words, ERP is software that is supposed to manage the process of a company, business, organization, or schools, and colleges.

College ERP software has different applications or tools that work together to connect departments and bring their data into one database. Whatever task you need, from year-end reporting to accounts receivables’ status, you can get it at your fingertips.

Role of ERP in the education system

The college ERP system plays an essential role in sharpening the talent of the kids. Schools, colleges, and universities are crucial for cognitive and academic development. That is why schools should also move on to college automation systems.

Schools and colleges must be up to date with all the latest trends and technologies regarding the educational process’s simplification. These days, the way schools manage their administration and juggle responsibilities have changed in more extraordinary ways. It is now time to perform better with each passing day.

The School ERP system helps in empowering the schools and colleges to run efficiently. It empowers them to manage their requirements and achieve single truth, thereby helping them make the final decision.

Why ERP in the education sector

We have seen how ERP has proved its importance in industries like pharma, manufacturing, retail, etc. It helps in automating the process and integrating business. The College administration system automates all the school functions like admission, fee, HR, admin. You can rely on this software for all things. It facilitates all the departments.

It can streamline the activities of business into education. Your search for a software which can automate all the functions from fee management to examination to payroll etc. ends here. It renders and empowers schools and colleges with unlimited choices to manage their activities without any problems.

  • Facilitates detailed information of the business
  • Give timely information
  • Integrates business functions. Provides real-time access to information
  • Facilitates information within colleges and schools
  • Tracks activities and simplifies the process
  • Streamline everything from examination to fees.
  • It gives real-time insights and maintains relationships

Educational institutes consist of many details. ERP helps in automating it and bringing it to one place. You can have real-time updates of students and faculty and have access to information. It automates the entire lifecycle and provides insights. It let the schools and colleges go paperless. It also helps with daily operations. Finding any information is also easy. It enables teachers and mentors to see fees, admission, inventory, stock transfer, stock details, admission, etc.

Final words

With time schools and colleges need to get digitized. They need to adapt to new technologies and trends in the market and make the education process more comfortable. It is essential to check all the software details before choosing and see if they cater to your needs. Schools and colleges looking for a college management software can get in touch with MyEdu.

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