Parents prefer reading reviews written by Edu experts as well as those from former students before selecting the institution for their child’s admission. A school website with detailed information about the study syllabus and pictures of the premises are basic things that every parent expects. Besides maintaining a world-class website, supporting online admission is the need of the hour for every school/college in the country.

How Does The School/College Online Admission System Work?

The online admission system greets applicants with detailed instructions and notes about form filling and submission procedures.

The site’s user-interface displays the list of courses offered by the school or college. The applicant can select the appropriate tab to get the contact details for the student support desk along with a clickable link for the application form for the chosen course.

The ‘Apply Now’ tab takes the student to the form that has specific details pre-filled for saving time. The applicant can check/uncheck the boxes for selecting the subjects and submit the form. The system generates a submission confirmation number and sends the same to the applicant’s email id.

As a part of the intermediate level process, the system can also be program to let applicants upload the latest photo, scanned signature copy, scanned copy of ID proof, and PDF copies for the birth certificate, previous school living certificate, etc.

After form submission along with documents, the applicant is prompted to the payment screen where he or she can make an online payment for the applicable fees.

The school administrators receive the applicant’s details via the ERP system. They can add the concerned name in the student’s list for the year, generate a student ID, & send a congratulatory message to the applicant for admission confirmation.

The concerned students or their parents can visit the institute’s online portal, and log in using the student Id for accessing study materials, class schedules, forum, and checking details of pending fees, etc.

Educational institutions can offer support using many channels like chatbots, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger helpline, telephone as well as email helpline to applicants. After each conversation, the school ERP saves records for the queries highlighted during the interaction for future reference.

Crucial Features Of An Online Admission System

There’s no geographical boundary or timeframe when it comes to education in this era of 5G. The online admission system works 24*7, enabling applicants to complete the admission procedure as per their convenience.

There is no need for any of the applicants to visit the institution for admission. Everything, from initial inquiry to admission form filling and fee payment, can be perform online.

  • Reliable and Precise

The process becomes reliable and precise as administrators can set admission criteria in the system. It can be program to ensure that only eligible candidates can apply and submit the course applications. The human interference in the process remains almost zero, eliminating the chances of corruption.

The entire process becomes student-friendly and straightforward; the system gets updated on a real-time basis.

The school ERP system and its online admission module can manage admissions for the educational institute’s many locations. The school or college administrators can check admission stats, as well as related procedures, and generate various types of reports for the same from a centralized location.

Most of the school management software solutions come with a built-in online admission system. You can also approach a trustworthy software vendor and opt for an extra online admission management module to upgrade your institute’s legacy ERP that does not have the concerned module.

  • Makes The Admission Process Transparent

Hours of paper-work can be avoided, plus, students and parents can be kept aware of the status of their admission application. The online system also makes the request review procedure easy for school administrators.

The student information and documents submitted during the paper-based admission procedure remain vulnerable to theft. Documents need massive storage as well as security. Later, even destroying such a large amount of admission related stuff proves to be an expensive headache for educational institutions.

Online admission systems cut the need to store paper documents. The process adds transparency and offers information security as the data remains stored in cloud-based servers. Both parents and school administrators do not need to worry about missing files or papers.

  • Streamlined Processing and Review

Until the last decade, school and college staff had to manually check every form, make entries, and send bundles of cheques for encashment. Now, the online system organizes data in the prescribed format, and online fee payments get deposited in the institute’s bank account.

Schools and colleges do not need to dedicate enormous budgets for printing forms and receipts. The enrollment module works as a part of the school website. It helps in boosting the enrollment procedure.

The system pre-populates the data filed by the applicant before the submitted inquiry or other forms. Thus, parents do not end up filling the same information many times. It keeps the applicant updated about the status of their application via text messages and emails. The data filled in the inquiry forms by prospective students is automatically forwarded to the lead management team members who can get in touch with the applications and offer a resolution for their concerns.

There is a massive difference between the number of admission inquiries and application forms submitted for the same. It is common at schools and colleges that lack transparency in admission procedures. On the other side, schools and colleges with online support and admission application submission system have a better conversion percentage.

  • Boosts Enrollment

Parents looking for school options often prefer going with the one that provides a hassle-free app, admission, & fee payment procedure.

As pointed out by several industrialists, data is the new oil. The information provided by prospective students on the admission portal can help the school or college to reshape their enrollment strategies as well as various course structures in the future.

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