How Can College ERP Software Solutions Help Institutions Function Systematically

After earning the secondary school certificate (SSC) in India, the average time to complete a graduate degree is five years. Simply put, the student needs to spend five years in the college that he or she selects. Switching from one college or university to the other is complicated due to the transfer of credit and other procedures. Thus, students and parents check every little insight about the college before enrolling.

What is the college management system? How can it help the educational institution to stay ahead?

To ensure the students are offered a 21st-century education, the institution administrators need to deal with a myriad of issues daily. Besides some common challenges, the higher-education institutions also face problems that are specific to their organization depending on their location, size, and programs offered.

Technology, in the form of college information management system or ERP, helps the organization in ensuring the campus continues offering safe, pro-learning environment.

No matter if it is distance learning or usual full-time course, every educational institution needs to adopt the latest technology for expanding the learning opportunities for students.

Offering better data accessibility, helping in reducing operational costs, providing online payment option to students, and making attendance data available online are some of the primary features offered by the ERP software.

Most of the top-rated college erp software offer to take care of admission management, fees management, attendance/leave, and exam management as well.  The software integrates various other security as well as management systems and diverse resources to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

The product is cloud-based and ensures the data can be shared with students (distance learning), parents, teachers, and the institution administrators at any point. Thanks to the internet, even distance learning pupils can get access to the expertise offered by faculty members.

The ERP system for college management supports online enrollment

One of the best college management software features is its ability to support online student enrollment and admission procedure. Students can opt to enroll for a course online, submit scanned copies of documents, and even make online payment for getting admission confirmation. The system is necessary for institutions that offer distance learning courses.

Pupils can download course curriculum, other e-learning material in PDF, and audio, video format within minutes.

Integration with school apps

Instead of teaching assistants, the classes should be conducted by experienced professors. Classrooms should promote collaborative learning. Most importantly, institutions can easily attract new students if they offer premises that are conducive to learning.

The campus must offer well-lighted, safe classrooms with comfortable furniture, and the climate-control system. The number of laboratories, libraries, classrooms also needs to be sufficient compared to the number of students.  College erp software helps in doing just that.

ERP system integrates with a responsive mobile app that makes data sharing between teachers, parents, and students extremely easy. Administrative and academic processes become simpler as all the stakeholders get access to the real-time data from the institution.

Teachers and professors can check the availability of classrooms, conference rooms, labs, and attendance percentage. Students get access to study materials, the weekly schedule for the college, self-help tools, and notifications from their professors via the app.

ERP integrates data from various communication platforms like forums, blogs, emails, and messages received via apps. It helps both teachers and parents to track their useful interactions made via multiple communication channels.

The software brings together various other security as well as management systems and diverse resources to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

Identifying new connections

Besides offering data for the key known indicators in students’ performance, the enterprise resource planning solution’s reports and tools can help in identifying connections between factors that impact the student’s performance.

Colleges that have implemented such systems have found links between poor attendance and the student’s ill health. The individuals who take meals in the cafeteria tend to perform better compared to those who do not.

Several educational institutes also have advanced systems that issue warnings to students regarding degrading academic performance and the impact of poor grades on their financial aid (scholarships).

How can ERP help in math?

Introduction of new programs means increasing number of students and putting an additional burden on the aging infrastructure. It also forces institutions to look for other sources of funds when they think about sprucing up existing buildings and constructing new ones. Banks and financial institution would only help college, institutions that show uniformity and compliance towards standard accounting needs.

Every educational institution requires property related funding, the flow of funds to make staff salaries, and money to fulfill operational requirements.

The organization should have an accounting focus and follow financial best practices. Besides funds received in the form of educational fees, the institution also receives donations from trusts and the parents of the students. The management should be willing to remain accountable for all the income and expenditure.

Several financial management software programs are a part of the ERP system. The software helps in keeping accounts for financial transactions and generating reports for taxation as well as the government education department.  

College ERP systems allow higher management to view the data in a readable format instead of complicated graphs and charts. This factor makes the process for obtaining certifications easy and thus helps in getting funding quickly.

Besides the above, some of the other college erp system modules are tracking training and placement, assisting in HRMS operation, hostel management, purchase and stores transactions, and college examination management.

Last year, a McKinsey report pointed out that more than 90 percent of the Indian engineers remain unfit for hiring. To improve the graduation rate and to ensure their degree holders remain employable from day one, several colleges and universities are implementing the best possible technology.

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