Why College Management Software Proves To Be An Effective Solution For Higher Education?

The students from the next-gen expect a lot from the schools and colleges. Thus, there is no short-cut when it comes to modernization of the education system. The college management solution (ERP) plays a critical role in the same.

What is college management system?

Simply put, the college management system or higher education ERP takes care of some of the critical functions like HR and payroll, fee transactions, exam management (including online assessment), syllabus management for various courses/classes, faculty and staff management, and biometric attendance data handling.

Opens up the door for communication between students and teachers

When it comes to the level of interaction in the classroom, some students do not hesitate to highlight their issues and ask questions to their professors. However, there are others who wish to hold back, perhaps, due to their shy nature. Teachers suggest they come across such individuals even in classes where the atmosphere is friendly.

Students often hesitate to ask questions due to lack of time or to avoid embarrassment. The higher education ERP system proves to be extremely useful for such pupils as they can get answers to all their doubts without feeling embarrassed in front of the class.

The web application for college management system enables students to discuss their doubts on the forum, ask questions and clear all their apprehensions by posting anonymously. Professors and student councilors can revert on the forum or via a personalized message, email, or app message to the participant. Discussing issues in the college’s online public forum also allows students to get help from colleagues and seniors. It saves time, improves transparency and collaboration amongst all the parties.

Such student-teacher collaboration can prove to be positive for professors as well. Teachers tend to develop a strengths-based perspective instead of focusing on deficiencies and deficits of the pupils due to such conversations.

One of the college management software features is its ability to integrate with other systems used by the educational institution. The software can be programmed to work with the college’s website, forums, and mobile applications. It creates an active communicational channel that can help parents, teachers, and students to share exam schedules, notices, remarks, and other alerts amongst each other.

Earlier, parents had no other option but to attend the weekly parent-teacher meeting and discuss their observations. Now, both, parents and teachers can discuss issues via app-based communication according to their own convenient time.

Biometric attendance data management

In spite of installing biometric attendance system, the school management can find the data handling and sharing part difficult. With advanced higher-education ERP software, the data retrieved from biometric readers, web-based login stations, and card swiping machines can be saved and accessed securely. Besides sharing it with professors and college administration, it can be sent to the parents of students with high absenteeism record.

Managing operational aspects in a better way

Managing timetables for various degree and certificate courses offered by the college is a tedious task. Especially in case if the college has a limited number of classrooms and, training labs.

The admin team requires a lot of time and resources. Thanks to ERP software, these resources can be devoted to more productive work. The software schedules classes according to its pre-programming, reserves classrooms, labs and sends alerts to professors as well as students.

In case of absence of a professor, the system automatically sends alerts and requests the substitute teachers to take over the class.

Performance monitoring becomes easy

The educational institution’s administration gets the ability to monitor a student’s performance on an individual basis.

Several studies have proved that parents feel relieved when they remain updated about their child’s performance in college. The involvement of parents in school, as well as college studies, motivates students. The ERP system accumulates all the critical information about the pupil’s attendance, exam results, assessment grades, attendance, as well as behavioral observations and makes it available via school’s portal and mobile applications for parents.

Tracking every student’s academic, sports, and extracurricular activities performance becomes extremely easy for parents as well as the institute’s administrators. Such data can help pupils and their parents to see the student’s true potential.

Increase in productivity

The scope of college management system is not just limited to monitoring the performance of students. It also helps the higher administration in keeping track of the number of working hours for professors, consultants, and administrative employees. Generating reports for overtime and overtime payment becomes easy for the organization’s accounts team.

Automation eradicates the need to create paperwork in various procedures. Most of the transactions happen digitally. Thus, it reduces the unnecessary workload faced by the management, including professors who at times need to indulge in attendance related work.  Overall, a lot of time, resources, and money can be saved as some of the most tedious tasks automatically get taken care of.

Digital grade book

Gone are the days when colleges use to issue physical copies of the grade book. Now, with the higher education ERP software, teachers can access digitally stored online tests, check the same to calculate results, create online grade book according to their convenience and share the same with parents for their remarks. These features are essential for colleges that offer distance learning online courses.

Cloud-based central servers

Of course, data security is the first aspect that comes in mind when it comes to handling a bulk amount of data. Gone are the days when software used to work only with physical servers. The ERP software’s cloud-based servers act as secured storage for the students’ data. Cloud-based servers implement the best possible security solutions. The data cannot be accessed without authorization keys issued by the higher management.

Higher management can make smart decisions

From online admission, fees payment, paying hostel bed charges, controlling CCTV cameras and recording the footage in the DVR, to automating timetable management. The ERP system not just manages these tasks, but also offers the administration an opportunity to look at the crucial data and make smart decisions.

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