Here’s How Education System Is Evolving with the Technology

With the advent of time, schools and colleges are using fast technology services to deliver education and effective fee management. These indicate that the schools are not behind when it comes to using the technology and making digital solutions the topmost priority.

Among the several technological advancements used by schools and colleges, one of the most effective ones is the school management software. It lets students and teachers interact with each other using devices through discussion forums, chat, messaging, blogs and social media. It can be easily customized based on the schools’ needs and their students and staff.

Emerging education and tech trends

There are many education technology trends in the market which are almost ready to come to the market and make things easier for teachers, students and parents. Below are some trends coming up in education technology:

Online education

Just like booking tickets and ordering stuff, education is also becoming online. It includes online courses and online examinations.

As per the KPMG and Google Study reports, online education in India is predicted to reach 2 Billion USD by 2021. Around 28 crore students are supposed to be enrolled in schools by 2021. More than 75 crore Indians will be using the internet. It is supposed to rise further in the upcoming years.

How technology can assist in growth of education system

1. Data management

School management software easily captures the large amount of data related to teachers, students and staff and helps make the operation easy.

2. Improved interactions

This software improves the students’ interaction with teachers and staff and helps connect students, teachers, staff and parents connected through mediums like chat, messages, forums etc.

3. Effective resource allocation

This software automates the workflow and improves learning delivery. It reduces the need for paperwork, reduces the staff’s workload, and improves the class’s scheduling.

4. Attendance management

School management software helps keep track of the students’ attendance and discipline on a real-time basis, thereby letting them take the necessary steps to ensure that discipline is maintained.

5. Enhanced learning

When integrated with technology, the school can focus more on improving the students’ performance by keeping track of their grades, assignments etc.

6. Digital progress reports

School management software generates a comprehensive report of the students’ performance and attendance in one click.

7. Fee management

This software also helps in fee management by keeping track of fees that have already been paid and sending timely notification of the ones which are still due.

8. Better communication

School management software also helps keep parents and students informed about school happenings by sending a quick SMS or an email.

9. Better Security measures

This software is designed to keep the data secure and can only be accessed by students, staff, teachers, parents and administration.

10. Digital and comprehensive online assessments

The things which are being taught in educational institutes now will soon become obsolete. The traditional method of evaluation based on theory will soon be switched to practical knowledge. It can be done with the help of technology like AI.

11. Inheriting blockchain mechanism to education technology

Blockchain helps to transfer and copy data but not modification. This feature has made it an emerging technology and is bound to dominate many businesses. This technology can be used to help validate students’ degrees and marks obtained. It can also be used to store digital copies of certificates obtained by the students.

12. Personalized learning

Traditional classrooms provide the same type of theoretical knowledge which may or may not be grasped by the students of all sorts in the manner it is provided. Therefore, education needs to be personalized as per the students’ interests to grasp the knowledge better.

13. AI-based Personalized feedback mechanism

Artificial Intelligence or AI is being used in every industry these days. These can be used to get a detailed analysis of students’ performance and analyze students’ responses during psychometric tests.

14. Revolution in exam management with education technology

AI can also be used in examination management, which will bring a revolutionary change in exam management. It will eliminate the need for logistics of infrastructure with the help of AI-based proctoring.

15. Virtual reality in education technology

VR will help retain the knowledge imparted in the class compared to the same knowledge provided in the traditional classroom. That is because the mind can retain things better when they see them in action.

16. Streamline administrative process

School management software helps streamline your academic and administration process, which helps improve efficiency and save time. It does not require special training and skills to operate.

Final words

The education system will soon be surrounded by different technologies, making it easier for schools to impart knowledge and innovative ways to build students’ careers. These technological advancements, like school management software, will also help the staff and teachers keep a proper track record of the students’ performance and fee management.

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