Here’s How To Improve Teacher Productivity With School App

As the world of education is rapidly changing with the constant evolution in technologies, the traditional methods of teaching are changing their due course. From marking daily attendance, managing the piles of paperwork, preparing assignments, assigning homework, mapping the performance of students, maintaining exam schedules, releasing the results, conducting parents-teachers meet, and many more. Not just teaching a teacher solely takes care of all these things.

Handling all this work effectively and on-time is quite exhausting sometimes even the 24 hours in a day won’t be sufficient to complete all the tasks. The best and the most preferred way to overcome all these issues is to get smart software that is quick, easy to use, and ensures better efficiency. A School management app will reduce the manual workload of teachers, and also helps them to control and well-manage the overall workflow better.

· Easy Attendance Reporting & Management

Time to say goodbye to the time-consuming and monotonous manual attendance, the School management app enables the teacher to mark the attendance that too within just a few minutes. They can also make changes whenever required.

· Better Performance Evaluation

With a School management app, the existing details of every student will help in well-monitoring the key areas of students academics that include the number of classes attended daily, weekly, monthly, punctuality and absenteeism, scores, and grades in the exams. The performance tracking reports will be generated with better accuracy and helps teachers to plan accordingly and also implement potential teaching methods.

· Better Collaboration

The teacher and parents’ communication is very important. It is quite a hectic task for teachers to get all the data sorted for every student and then sending notices to their respective parents. But with a school app, the teachers can communicate seamlessly with the parents who play a vital role in the students development. Proactive collaboration between parents and teachers will not only encourage students to perform well but also boosts the performance of teachers too. Not just parents the teachers can also well collaborate with other teachers, non-teaching staff members, principal to discuss crucial matters.

· Multiple Uses

The School management app also allows a web application hassle-free access that can be used even on a desktop, laptop, and tablet. The app is user-friendly and can be run on any kind of mobile and web platform like Android, iPhone, IPad, MAC, Windows. Indeed this makes it more useful to be used anytime and anywhere. Whenever a teacher feels they need to update something or make an announcement like a test, an assignment they can easily access the software through the available devices.

· Results and Exam Alerts

Creating a report card for every student manually is a tedious task. But by using software the teachers can save all the marks, grades, and other details. They can, later on, share each student’s progressive reports with their respective parents. They can also share complete and detailed reports and provide with the necessary feedback on which areas they need to improve so that the student can perform better. The exam and other test details date, time and if there are any changes in the notable events can also be shared with the students with the help of the school software.

· Better Productivity

A cheerful and satisfied teacher is highly motivated and has more impact on student learning. The lack of time, resources, and proper direction result in major job dissatisfaction. With the help of the School management app, they can ease the other works and focus more on teaching well. The main goal of the app is to reduce the workload and to increase productivity, efficiency, performance, and ultimately provide the teacher with job satisfaction.

· Quick Access to Other Information

The teachers will have quick and easy access to their personal information, can view, download their payslips, mark their attendance, apply for leaves, check the leave status, file tax returns, view the school holidays, and many more. Using the software only takes a few minutes hence there will be more time to prepare well before teaching to the students. They can also check the timetables and also can request for the change as per the availability.

· Homework and Assignments

The teachers can share the homework and classwork details in the app itself so that the students can check and submit them. The parents can view the details too so that there will be no confusion and any kind of difficulty. The teachers will also get reminders once the students submit their homework.

· Proactive and Fun Incorporated Lessons

It is very important that the students must be well-engaged during the lessons. It can be achieved by creating a lesson plan that has fun intended and providing real-time examples will be a great way to make students engaged in the lessons. MyEdu is the smart School management app that ensures to improve the productivity levels of teachers and fuels up their speed remarkably.

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