Coaching or training centres help students in streamlining preparations for general school education as well as competitive exams. Coaching centres have become an integral part of educational life. Until the last decade, training academies catered to students preparing for AIPMT, MBA, IIT-JEE, and other popular courses. These days, there are classes available for students from grades one to twelve.

A recently conducted study by the NSSO has pointed out that 20% of India’s undergrads, 35% of the total high school students, and 13% of the post-graduation trainees opted for private coaching classes in 2016.

Schools and colleges do offer education for academic growth. However, parents feel that’s not enough for the child’s overall development of knowledge and competitive skills. The educational push provided by coaching classes helps children in cracking various entrance exams at a later stage in life.

How are AI and Automation Helping in the Management and Development of Coaching Classes?

The expectations of parents and students from coaching classes are very high. Such academies are expected to remain a step ahead of schools and colleges when it comes to training students.

Technology has helped in introducing fantastic transitions in the training sector for helping both students and educational institutions.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence technology) has already become a part of everyone’s life in the form of personal assistants (smart speakers), AI security cameras, intelligent sensors, connected cars, and automated parking systems. It has introduced a drastic change in the education sector by slowly replacing teaching methods.

Computers and smart devices are replacing physical education material. It is also helping educational institutions to offer personalized content to every student, depending on their need. Trainees can continue learning even while they are away from the classroom.

Automating Administrative Procedures

Until the introduction of automation tools, educators had no other option but to spend much time in completing administrative processes. From managing admission inquiries, creating syllabus and training material, grading exams, evaluating assignments, homework, and sharing student’s feedback with parents, every teacher had to dedicate several hours for time-consuming tasks.

Coaching class management software is a scalable tool for growth. Teachers, professors get more time to spend with students and clarify their doubts instead of spending long hours in checking exam results.

Artificial Intelligence and automation tools have already taken over the admission and enrollment procedures. It is common knowledge that online multiple-choice tests can be graded automatically. However, AI education automation tools can also assess written tests. Besides evaluating, the AI tools can offer revision related recommendations to students for closing the gaps in their knowledge. The system provides personalized suggestions and can help in saving a tremendous amount of time.

Artificial Intelligence technology-enabled tools can also help in making coaching classes disabled-friendly. The study materials can be converted into formats and languages that are suitable for students with hearing or visual impairments. There are plugins, smart apps that can create subtitles for sentences that the teacher says in the coaching class.

Studies have pointed out that by 2021, the implementation of AI in the field of education would increase by as much as 47.5 %. Students and parents would prefer better communication with educational institutions and improved learning experience with newer techniques. During the next few years, AI tools would even help students in choosing their career paths based on their areas of interest and goals.

Instant Feedback Is the Key To Successful Tutoring

As mentioned earlier, Artificial Intelligence reduces the time and effort required for evaluation of exam papers and assignments. Results or feedback for the same can be delivered instantly to the students and parents. Customized responses from the teacher help in highlighting the areas of focus for every student. Professors can work with trainees and quickly modify their study materials as per exam results.

Technology, including the hardware and software, is becoming cheaper every day. Implementing AI and automation tools require upfront expenses. But the cost becomes negligible considering the benefits for students, and time as well as efforts that can be saved daily. It can play a crucial role in retaining students as well as increasing the admission percentage.


Of course, every student may not be a fast learner. The traditional learning system cannot cater to the unique need of each student. With AI, curriculum, study materials, and language, as well as medium, can be designed according to the student’s weaknesses and positives. Final exams, as well as in-class assignments, can be customized for every student.

Netflix uses a smart AI-powered recommendation engine and offers personalized movie, documentary, drama recommendations. Similarly, AI tools help in creating hyper-personalized journeys for students.

Improving Communication

Like schools and colleges, even coaching institutes need advanced attendance management and parent-teacher communication tools. What would be the result if the student fails to attend the coaching institute’s sessions regularly? He or she won’t show any improvement in academic performance. And parents surely won’t be happy if they do not see any progress in their child’s performance after paying the fee for additional coaching.

It also impacts the coaching center’s reputation. This is where communication apps for parents come into the picture. Several coaching institutions have deployed smartphone apps for parents that can be used for sharing attendance, and academic performance data, including feedback from professors and teachers. The involvement of parents can improve the child’s academic performance as per several studies. Thus, the communication aspect cannot be ignored.

The availability of a more significant number of coaching classes is increasing competition in every city. Thus, institutes need to keep on upgrading their syllabus and teaching methods for remaining ahead and retaining students each year. The institute that fails to implement the latest technology remains far behind in the race.

Automate Your Coaching Classes

The AI technology is making life easy for the coaching class administrators as well. Classification and processing of paperwork were never so easy. Thankfully, you can automate your coaching classes with MyEdu. If you are looking for apps that can help in improving communication with parents, you should consider discussing your requirements with MyEdu.

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