How can classroom management software help coaching centers maintain their relevance in the post-COVID-19 era?

The coronavirus pandemic managed to reach almost every corner of the planet by March this year. Thus, countries around the world were forced to introduce lockdown and stay-at-home orders.

Now, the world seems like a new place where sanitizer, seclusion, social distance, stress, and health dominate most of the online conversations. Homes have turned into schools and workplaces.

Several industries have witnessed an impact on the way they function. The education sector is one of the worst-hit, schools and coaching centers are common casualties in every city.

Coaching centers are offering discounts, and access to additional programs to attract students in the current times of financial uncertainty. But, the future is indeed difficult for institutions that rely on brick-and-mortar classrooms.

The only way to ameliorate the crisis is to implement the latest technology for running the business. 

Medium and smaller institutions facing the heat

Perhaps for the first time in three decades, coaching centers across the country were forced to cancel their classes due to the lockdown declared in various states. Most of the big institutions were quick to start working on online modules for trainees.

However, medium and smaller ones, especially, the ones that worked with a no-online approach, seem to be far behind. They also lost a considerable percentage of student-base. 

What do stats say about the situation in most parts of the country? 

Overall, the coaching industry may not witness growth in fees due to the reduced incomes of most of the households in the country. The industry’s growth, fee collection has already impacted due to the lockdown. 

According to a study conducted by the Indian unit of the analytics firm CRISIL, most of the small and medium coaching centers have switched to online channels and are reaching out to students. 

The same report has pointed out that small and medium-sized coaching centers train 70 to 80 percent of students in various states every year. These institutions have successfully managed to retain their enrolments despite extended lockdowns and an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in the country.

Unfortunately, the picture is not promising for smaller coaching centers that do not have the infrastructure to go digital. Such institutes may lose their share of enrollments during the coming months.

As per the study, trainees would appreciate access to online lectures during the coming months. Once the restrictions are eased, most students may prefer opting for local classes rather than traveling long distances.

So, it won’t be wrong to suggest that smaller, local coaching classes may witness a good ROI after investing in new technologies. 

The right approach 

The switchover from physical classrooms to virtual ones had already begun before the pandemic. Lockdown(s) further increased the speed of transition. 

Sitting back and waiting for normalcy to restore can prove to be disastrous. Even if classroom learning resumes, it would have several limitations at least during the first few months.

Plus, students who are now habited to use digital learning solutions may not find the old teaching methods interesting. So, identifying the problems and embracing technologies to enhance teaching is the only option to fix the uncertainty.

They also need to use services of agencies that provide digital marketing for schools to ensure they remain relevant in the digital space.

Today, coaching classes cannot succeed without implementing an ERP system and adopting online learning. Thankfully, there are advanced web and app-based applications that can help coaching centers to get back on the right track quickly. 

Smart classroom changing Indian education

E-learning and communication, as well as coaching center management apps, are the tools that can help classes to maintain their existence during the coming years. 

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  • Apps that can assist in coaching center administration 

The administrative issues faced by coaching centers are similar to those that schools and colleges deal with daily. Thus, a school management system like classroom management software can prove to be of great help. Both can be integrated with education ERP or school management system software.

A classroom management system can help in creating daily attendance reports for physical classrooms as well as digital ones. The software assists in digital record keeping, and payroll processing for in-house and guest lecturers.

Administrators can create weekly schedules for various batches and send online/physical classroom lecture schedule alerts to students and lecturers via apps, emails, text messages.

Coaching center administrators face a tedious task of managing fee-related procedures. The classroom management software has several modules that assist in online admission, fee processing, and sending fee-related reminders to parents. 

  • E-learning and communication 

Apps ensure data security as the information is stored in cloud-based servers, and transferred using secured internet connection. Online learning is the only option for students at least until the end of 2020. 

Reaching out to students and maintaining constant communication with parents will always remain crucial henceforth. Independent trainers and coaching centers can retain their market value with the help of apps. 

Tutors at coaching centers can access the e-learning software via smartphone apps and assign tests, share assignment results with parents, and interact with guardians to resolve their concerns.

Applications can also be designed to help tutors connect with students via live lectures and video conferences. Sharing lecture videos, links for blogs and educational videos, and study materials in PDF, MP3, as well as text format becomes easy with these applications.

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped the world realize the potential that online learning has in store. Put simply, online education is here to stay for good.

It is clear that firms that do not make their businesses future-ready would surely fade away from the market during the coming days.

Thus, it is crucial for coaching centers and independent trainers to look at the lockdown as an opportunity to implement new technology and teaching methods. 

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