How Coaching Classes can Learn To Adapt and Innovate With Online Classes Through The COVID-19 Pandemic?

We are living bang in the age of the Digital Revolution. Things that people could not have even imagined being done over the Internet even a decade ago are getting a platform on it. While things were moving at an already rapid pace, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused certain essential, offline services to adapt to life online. The most notable of these is education. With schools and colleges shut down all over the world, learning over the Internet is being seen in a new light. What was once only an accessory of education has now become the main instrument in it.

Although getting less attention than scholastic and collegiate education, another kind of educational institution that is also coping with the times is coaching institutes. They were also shut down with the primary academic institutions and are now fumbling with conducting online classes. But it is not coaching classes that have to be taken to the digital platform – the management of the institute must do online. And if there is anything that can assist them in these trying times, it is a coaching class management software.

A New Pedagogy Is Triggering

The thing about online coaching classes is that it is not a new thing. But many people are frighten with the idea of maintaining an entire coaching academy online. They let wrong notions fester in their minds, like thinking that this requires a heavy-duty technical team to manage, that it is more difficult to maintain records online, especially due to the chances of data loss and so on. But there cannot be a more inaccurate idea. Udemy, Coursera, Byju’s and others like these have already proved there are many takers for online coaching classes.

In fact, people are welcoming the idea of online coaching and the reasons are quite valid. For one, it completely eliminates journey time, allowing students to dedicate more time to learning. Online classes are more flexible. So even if you miss a class, you can always take it later.

You have the choice of choosing your teacher according to your needs or even learning from more than one teacher. You can adjust around your schedule and get access to unlimited resources. These advantages are leading to greater attendance in classes and even allowing people who do not have the scope to go to coaching classes, learn. As a result, more people are ending up on online coaching courses every day.

Technologies & Student Expectation

Now it is quite evident that getting an account on Zoom and dictating off a Word document is not what it takes to hold online coaching classes. Optimized resources are necessary and this is provided by MyEdu, a tuition class management software.

These provide a digital alternative to every component of an offline coaching management system, like student information management, exam and attendance management, financial and accounting management, assets and resource management, notification and schedule management, inquiry management and, in some cases, even online classroom forums if you do not want to use a separate software application for that.

You must set up your system on this so that students remain notified for upcoming classes and exams, attendance of classes, a simple and easy fee payment gateway, any changes in schedules are notify, students performance records are used to creating personalized lessons for pupils and access to digital resources is made easy. The system must be created to be as easy for students as for the teachers.

What Essential Factors Are Contributing To The Development Of This New Method & Practice of Teaching

Yes. The first thing that would come to everyone’s mind is the pandemic. The Corona quarantine has forced everybody to be locked down in their homes. But life must go on. So in anticipation of the life awaiting them after the crisis is over, everyone wants to keep their academic life going. But, online coaching classes with the help of coaching class management software like MyEdu have been gaining momentum for quite some time now. The reasons are obvious.

  • People can learn from anywhere, anytime.
  • There is no need to travel to any centre, which means even students in remote locations can learn.
  • The choices of courses are eclectic and not limited by geographical location, culture, convention, society or resources.
  • The cost of physical infrastructure avoided.
  • Communication between teachers, students, and parents is enhance.
  • It can be access from a range of devices, whichever is available.
  • A large percentage of human errors avoided during administrative work.
  • Work automation advances that teachers can devote more time to teaching.
  • Financial, administrative and technical aspects are manage.

Hybrid Learning

We have been glorifying online coaching management systems for some time now. But can they replace offline classes? No. At least, not yet. It would become a reality soon in the future. But during the transition period, both offline and online coaching classes need to co-exist instead of being separate entities. That is the only way to ensure that people do not go through a digital shock when it is time to shift entirely to online systems. This is define as hybrid learning.  Also known as blended learning, it combines face-to-face teaching with digital classrooms, online resources, and cyber-assisted learning tools to help people learn the best of both worlds when learning.

Use Of Multimedia And Open Educational Resources

One of the big pros of online coaching classes is the supplementation of digital resources in the form of e-books, digital versions of papers and journals, works of previous users and, in some cases, even recordings of old classes and seminars. Physical libraries put a limit on the number of books, magazines or other texts that you can take home at a time. There is also a temporal restriction – you have to return the book after some time so that others can avail it too.

This limitation can be entirely eliminated in digital libraries by providing open academic resources. Not only that but as an individual, one is often denied access to certain publications online. As a member of a registered coaching centre, you can easily access those too.

Cloud-based Education Management System

Now it might seem a big deal right away, but the only way to be free of the fetters of manual operation is by migrating your coaching academy to the cloud. With cloud-based software, you can use your tuition class management software to access the system from anywhere & on any device. It also makes it easier for students to access resources without requiring them to request you to upload them to the platform or send it to them. This reduces both their hassles and yours. You are also far more protected from data loss. It might seem a costly option right now, but when you consider lifelong maintenance and repair costs, this is the cheapest choice in the long run.

Are Times Really Changing Or Is It COVID

It would be unfair to put the credit of the digitization of the pedagogy on the Corona pandemic. Agreed that the crisis has shown us that going fully online is not impractical and works quite well once we get past the hiccups. But the wave had originated earlier. The COVID-19 pandemic only speeds up the adoption of the trend in its entirety without the doubts that held people back earlier.

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