How College Management Software Can Help Educational Institutions Get Accreditation Easily?

After reading the title of this blog post, the first question that comes to mind is “Can there be a connection between college management software and accreditation?” To answer this question, let’s take a closer look at the present scenario of accreditation and how tech-savvy institutions can leverage technology to get accredited.

As per the All India Survey on Higher Education’s latest report, there are 39,701 colleges, 11,923 educational institutions, and 799 universities in India. By November 2018, 11,816 colleges and 568 universities got accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

There are still 27,885 unaccredited colleges and 231 unaccredited universities in the country. The HRD ministry has chalked out plans to cover all colleges and universities with NAAC accreditation by 2022. In this scenario, many unaccredited educational institutions are looking to apply for accreditation that will give them the credential and authority of a trustworthy institution.

After all, studying in an accredited institution has a lot of value than studying in an unaccredited one. Educational institutions that are accredited by a reputable agency such as NAAC or the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) are known to abide by the highest educational standard.

However, the colleges, universities, and institutes that are using modern methods and solutions such as college management software are more likely to get accreditation more easily compared to the ones that don’t use.

A few years back, educational institutions would submit hard copies of reports related to admission, administration, tuition fees, library, and more to accreditation agencies. But things have changed now. Institutes need to submit all relevant reports online. They also need to keep a full record of institutional information as well as track all operations to create evaluation reports.

Benefits of accreditation for an educational institution

Accreditation offers the following benefits to accredited educational institutions:

  1. Enables institutions to use a continuous evaluation process and identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  1. Enables institutions in knowing the importance of planning and resource allocation
  1. Provides information about finance and funding opportunities.
  1. Introduces innovative and contemporary educational methods to educational institutions.
  1. Enhances the image and reputation of an educational institution.
  1. Shows that an educational institution abides by the highest education standard and provides proof about its quality of education.
  1. Offers institutions a chance to equip themselves with high-tech facilities as well infrastructure.

How does college management software help in accreditation criteria?

According to the New Education Policy 2020, the accreditation of educational institutions and the grades would be subject to the quality and originality of their teaching methods.

Curricular aspects: It is the first and foremost criterion of NAAC, which looks into the curriculum of educational institutions and assesses their efforts to develop students’ skills and learning outcomes. A reliable college management software helps educational institutions prepare detailed, relevant, and well-organized syllabi.

Teaching, learning, and evaluation: This criterion determines the teachers’ teaching and evaluation style as well as the learning progress of students. Educational institutions that use college management software perform better 

Research, innovation, and extensions: This criterion focuses on the research and innovation by an educational institution. Using college management software, institutes can provide educators and students a space to exchange ideas, knowledge, and research works. It also helps institutes document and shows all the research works, innovation, and more on a single platform.

Learning resources and infrastructure: The criterion focuses on learning materials, educational tools, laboratories, classrooms, and other important infrastructure. College management software enables teachers to provide students with superior learning resources.

Student growth and support: This criterion focuses on students’ needs and the support of the institutes to ensure their growth. It is no secret that educational institutions that leverage college management software provide better support not only to students but to all parties involved. It also plays a key role in student growth and learning outcome.

Management, administration, and leadership: This criterion looks at an educational institution’s administration, management, and leadership and recommends that an institution’s authorities mentor faculties and plan strategies for their career advancement as well the institutional growth. College management software stores all the crucial and relevant information about institutes’ management, administration, and leadership.

Institutes’ values and best practices: This criterion focuses on institution values and best practices. It recommends that institutes need to develop strong values and follow the best practices in all areas—be it academic or extracurricular. Here also, college management software plays a crucial role. Using it, institutes make sure that their educators follow the best teaching-learning practices.

Some more ways college management software can help educational institutions in their accreditation journey

Here are some more reasons why educational institutes that use college management software will easily get accreditation compared to those that don’t use the system:

  1. College management software helps in the seamless management of all necessary data and information.
  1. As per NAAC guidelines, accurate reports are compulsory. College management software presents all data and information accurately. It also generates MIS reports which provide all accurate details to accreditation teams.
  1. College management software promises timely management of academic routines and timetables. The institutions that use the system are more organized and efficient than the ones that don’t use the system.
  1. College management system does not need physical storage and thus it eliminates the risk of misplaced or lost files. Users can access data and reports instantly with login credentials.
  1. High-quality college management systems have multi-feature. A large number of features are available to get the reports in the necessary format. Users can generate reports immediately without any error.

Overall, it may be said

For many colleges and universities, getting accreditation from a prestigious body is extremely important today. Many educational institutions have joined the fray of getting successfully accredited. Are you looking to get a coveted accreditation for your institute? Our MyEdu sophisticated college management system will take you close to your accreditation goal. To know how it can enhance your chance of winning an accreditation, contact us today.

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