How does MyEdu’s Time Table Management System work in the school’s favor?

Until the last decade, most of the educational institutions had to create a daily schedule after completing a lot of manual paperwork. The time-consuming procedure puts an unnecessary burden on teachers and administrators. The new digital time table management system has simplified attendance and scheduling tasks.  

Educational institutions can easily create schedules for multiple classrooms and modify the same as and when required. Schools can choose from open-source or premium software platforms. But, basic features remain the same.  

How does the system work? What are the top benefits?

Every institute finds creating an efficient timetable for an academic year as something challenging. Schools and colleges often end up creating confusion, chaos on-premises due to incorrect faculty allotment and overall poor scheduling. 

The schedule management software helps in sorting out this mess. It allows administrators to create time table pattern, add periods for each day, then, select teachers for various subjects, and share the same with parents as well as students. The admin team members can manage school branches schedules from a centralized location. The software simplifies the lecture scheduling procedure and brings administrators, teachers, students on the same page.

1. Creating clash-free schedules as per preferences submitted by lecturers

The central admin team gets a real-time view of scheduled faculties, courses, and the number of online/physical classroom sessions to be conducted throughout the day. 

The system creates a timetable very smoothly and quickly. Most automated time table software generate a template, send preference forms to tutors, and then auto-generate the schedules as per the availability of lecturers, classrooms, number of students, and priority level set for various subjects. 

Notifications are automatically issued to teachers, students, and parents after publishing the weekly schedule.

2. Assigning faculty to each classroom without any error

Assigning the same faculty to two classes simultaneously is one of the most common errors that administrators encounter in standard timetables. The error consumes too much time during rectification as the entire schedule needs to be planned yet again for allotting a new faculty to the classroom. 

The time table management system, on the other hand, creates a clash-free schedule after analyzing teachers’ availability, the number of classrooms, subjects to be taught, etc. Lectures are distributed evenly amongst lecturers without any human interference. 

These systems play a crucial role in scheduling online classes in the current COVID 19 crisis. 

Checking lessons planned for the day, scheduling classes, marking attendance, accessing the academic calendar, and applying for leave was never so easy. 

3. Adjusting the schedule as per staff availability

A tutor might opt for an emergency leave due to health or other personal reasons. In such a situation, the school administrators need to check the availability of another teacher to take over the class, without disturbing their existing routine.  

Time table automation software enables the admin team to view the schedule for all of the institute’s faculty members, edit the timetable and assign additional sessions within minutes without disturbing their routine. It ensures that students do not miss their studies despite the absentee. 

Teachers and school admin team can schedule new classes, cancel existing ones, make changes in the timetable, and automatically send notifications concerning the changes to other teachers and students. 

4. Two-factor attendance verification

The attendance and time table management system can be programmed to verify the trainee attendance twice. The RFID reader marks the student’s presence automatically and confirms if the teacher has also marked the same using the app. An alert is sent to the teacher in case of a mismatch between RFID and teacher’s records. 

5. Tutors can check their app for faculty timetable

The time table management system integrates with multiple frameworks, including apps designed for administrators, teachers, and parents. Thus, lecturers can access all the features of the best time table management system via their mobile app. 

Teachers and guest lecturers can merely log in to their app and check the assigned classes in the timetable every morning. In case if the administrators make any changes, the app shows a notification and reflects the changes automatically. It proves to be of great help while conducting online classes as well. Tutors can check the timetable, and log in to the assigned online course to hold their lecture. 

The application can also be designed to let lecturers give add their inputs to the weekly schedule. Put simply, tutors who juggle between two jobs can use the app and request a rescheduling during the selected timeframe.

6. Apps for students and parents

Along with the school forum, the time table management system also updates daily session schedules in school apps for students and parents. Both can check the calendar for online/physical classroom lectures. 

7. Rearrangement of schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational institutes to move from physical classrooms to online lectures. Thus, rearrangement of schedule, adding or removing classes as per the availability of trained staff has become common. Thankfully, the time table management system is helping schools in ensuring the daily lineup of online courses remains well-planned. The software’s significance would increase even further in the post-COVID-19 era as schools would be able to plan both online and physical classroom sessions appropriately.

8. Maintaining records was never so easy

Educational institutions must maintain records about the number of physical classroom/online lectures held throughout the day. They also need to keep details concerning the number of working hours for guest lecturers, students’ attendance, and feedback received from students after each session. No matter if it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, the best time table management system can generate these and other reports within minutes. 

9. Data helps accounts team in payroll processing

One of the most crucial features provided by the time table management system is its ability to assist in payroll calculation. It helps in calculating the working hours and leaves for faculty members and guest lecturers. The payroll process becomes hassle free and straightforward for the accounts team.  Advanced time table management system can integrate with the existing school automation software. It can also sync with smartphone timetable apps. 

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