How ERP software enhancing Education system during COVID – 19

The impact of COVID- 19 pandemic has not spared the educational systems. The closure of schools and colleges indefinitely has given rise to an online school management system. Currently, 1.8 billion students are affected due to the closure of the institutions. The COVID- 19 pandemic has caused immense difficulties not only to the students but also to the teachers.

Introduction of New Learning System

Perhaps learning never stops. The institutional authorities took the advice of UNESCO to reach the students remotely. The distance learning applications play a vital role in teaching and learning these days. The online school management system has paved the way to reduce the disruption of studying and graduating.

Benefits of distance learning method

  • Learning Continues – Through the classroom intervention is hampered, the teachers can readily reach their students online for teaching them.
  • Seamless Schedule – The work from home culture has given a way for people to schedule the time for home as well as work. The schedule is effectively prepared for teaching purposes.
  • Incredible Online Connect – Firstly, COVID- 19 did not affect the technology. The student-teacher connections for schedules and course materials can happen through email and other messenger services.
  • Remote Learning Applications – Many online applications to handle a class are available for free. The teachers can readily use it to connect with their students. 

ERP the gift at the right time

Enterprise Resource Planning is a boon to the education system in many countries. Especially, in countries where internet connectivity is intermittent. Of course, there are places in India where the Internet Connectivity is not proper. Attending online classes can be a challenge in such places. There are many College ERP software demo available to facilitate a smooth learning process.

Reasons to Decide

There are many reasons for the educational institutions to incline towards ERP Software. Ultimately, what is required is no hassle Online school management system that helps to connect, teach, validate, and receive feedback. The main aspects of ERP software to enhance student learning are

  • The schedules can be made in advance and students can view it at their ease
  • The assignments can be posted in the portal before the deadline
  • No continuous online facility is needed
  • The course materials can be shared in the same portal in an organized fashion
  • ERP software can accommodate digital learning videos that the students can learn anytime
  • Assessments and Tests can be conducted seamlessly
  • Further, the mobile application can become a multi-platform tracking methodology too

Ways to Make Learning Effective

The College ERP software demo can do wonders if used appropriately in an institution. It establishes a 360-degree connection with the students’ overall development. Further, the information about the students’ progress can be verified at any time.

The Online school management system can be made effective through ERP software in the following ways.

  1. School – Teacher – Student – Parent | A complete connect – Utilizing a College ERP software demo just as a teaching tool cannot solve the purpose of comprehensive learning. ERP can establish a connection in the overall front so that anyone immediately superior to the student can track his/her progress.

For instance, a parent can track his/her ward’s progress. A teacher can track the students learning capacity. Further, the school or the college authorities can monitor the entire proceedings.

  1. Online Presence | Monitored – The traditional school and college system requires the students to attend the classes to get qualified to write the final examination. The online school management system through an ERP software can excellently track the attendance of the student. This is convenient even when the digital videos are watched offline too.
  2. Large Crowd | Managed Easily – This is the ace advantage for the teachers. In fact, the manpower is effectively utilized in this scenario. A teacher can monitor a large group of students at a time. It all requires the teacher to be dynamic in raising concerns whenever he/she faces challenges with a student.
  3. Schedule | Routine Followed – This is an important aspect during this COVID- 19 crisis. Especially for students, where the UNICEF advises to keep the kids engaged with routine tasks, it avoids anxiety or stress. The college ERP software demo can help the staff schedule the classes for a week well in advance and instruct the students to attend it regularly on a daily basis. 
  4. Assessments | Definite Results – This is a student-friendly software. The teachers can conduct tests and quizzes online through the ERP software. The students can conveniently take their tests at their preferred time. The best part is, the scores are available for them instantly. More importantly, they will also know where they stand in terms of rankings among the other students.

Ownership | Responsibility | Results

The institution’s management can effectively use the online school management system in understanding various progressive features. Many good-hearted management has inclined to pay their employees during the lockdown period too. The ERP software adds value for validation purposes too. 

  1. Teaching Effectiveness | Redefined  – The situation is bizarre outside. Further, teaching and learning online is a new process for the teachers as well as the students in many countries. The college ERP software demo can assist the prime stakeholders in understanding the progress of their students and thereby realizing the effort put by the staff. After all, a student cannot score good marks if the teacher has not taught properly. 
  2. Staff Attendance | Duly Validated – As the software supports to track the attendance of the students, similarly tracking of staff attendance becomes imperative for obvious reasons. The tracking blending with the tasks accomplished establishes the ownership of the staff member. In fact, this can help the management of the educational institution to understand the effectiveness of their employees.
  3. Parent – Management | Connect – The transparent communication from the management reaches the parents instantly. Same way, the parent’s concerns are addressed in a real-time basis. 

The usage of an online school management system is the wise choice to teach your students. It is to be mentioned here that, even after the lock-down is released, the online classes continue to happen. The digital world is to be thanked for the technology it has provided to bridge this gap.

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