The methods of operating schools have completely changed because of the recent COVID -1 global pandemic. Now the old operational management processes are not capable of handling the situation. A lot of Schools and Colleges are shifting towards remote learning technologies. They are implementing online classes.

However, there are many benefits to online classrooms as the two sides of the same coin. Along with the advantages, the institutes are facing some hurdles too. Attendance management is one of the biggest hurdles during virtual classes.

This blog will make you come across several ways to track student attendance during virtual classes.


Google Form is one of the best ways to track student attendance during virtual classes. You can create an attendance sheet in the google form and distribute it with the class. The class will self-report the attendance sheet with the timestamp.

  •       Make separate google forms and google spreadsheets for every class.
  •       Google form is a poll that students can fill up to submit.
  •       Google form will automatically capture time and date details.
  •       Students need to fill the form with their names.
  •       Email login is compulsory to submit the google form.


Manual attendance can be the option too. You can do it just like the regular classroom attendance with the normal pen and paper. However, it will take some time while taking manual attendance. To fasten the process, you can mark the roll numbers of absent students.

However, in this process, students can quickly leave the lecture from the middle. It will not be easy for you to notice when the students escape.

You can use the student attendance management system. It records the attendance accurately and saves your time and efforts to manage the attendance.


It is one of the best techniques to make sure that students are attending online lectures. You can ask questions randomly about the relevant topic. However, make sure you do not ask them in a particular order. You need to pick random students. Students can give their answers in the chatbox or reply in the form of audio recordings.


You can use a video call feature to ensure that every student is attending the online class. The students need to keep their camera open.

However, the obstacle is that it requires high bandwidth, and it is not the most practical way. Also, all the students cannot afford high-speed internet. You can tell students to keep their cameras open while recording attendance. After that, they can disable the camera.


It is one of the best approaches to track student attendance during the virtual class. It is practical yet easy to implement. You can send the quiz or poll immediately after the end of class. Moreover, make sure all the students take part in it and submit the Poll or quiz in a given deadline.

Every institute can use several tools to record attendance. There are many e-learning platforms, and many student information software offers this type of feature. It will capture the timestamp and email id of the students with the quiz answers.

You need to prepare the quiz well before the class starts and distribute it with the learners after summing up the class. You can share the link of the questionnaire/Poll in the chatbox.


It is one of the effective methods to enhance teacher-student engagement. Rather than one-way communication, you should engage the students to take part in the teaching. It could be challenging to apply to every subject or topic. So, the best way to implement this method is to do discussions at the start or end of the class. Both ideas will make sure that students are taking part in teaching and learning through online courses.


You can also use other attendance tracking applications and tools to track student attendance during virtual classes. Some schools are skipping marks based on attendance, and they are introducing accountability base on how much work students have done. You can also think about it to track the student’s performance.






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