Importance of School Bus Tracking App Feature In School Management Application

Because of the increasing traffic and the incidents of road accidents, parents and school administrators are usually stressed about a school child’s journey from school to home and vice-versa. This stress intensifies when schools are not able to guarantee safe and secure transportation.

The school management application’s bus tracking feature allows knowing the route of the bus, real-time bus tracking, and other important details of the driver. With this tracking, the management and parents can get quick alerts about speeding issues or if any unexpected event occurs.

The school management system offers many other vital features to manage daily school operations along with transportation tracking. So, before we jump to the details of the bus tracking feature, let’s get an overview of a school management system software.

What is school management software?

As technological advancements are taking place in every industry, the software is developed to produce accurate outcomes efficiently and effectively. Many times, schools or any other educational institutes are required to keep faultless records of all the data. And, automation is one of the easiest and well-organized ways to manage school operations.

The school management software is a tool to streamline the paperless administration of any educational institutes. The software is specially designed to manage diverse functions of day-to-day school management such as attendance marking, parent-teacher communication, announcements, result report, etc. It helps to automate the overall school operations to increase productivity and minimize the possibilities of errors.

In fact, most of the schools are acquiring some kind of software to manage administrative tasks. So, they can focus more on educational services and the delivery of knowledge to all students. The school management system does not only reduces the burden on admin staff but also improves quality education.

Besides, the school management system is also available online, so you do not require to store it in your system. Just like an ordinary mobile or desktop application, the system can also be operated online.

So, let’s understand the ERP solutions for schools

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is designed to simplify the day-in-out school operational tasks. From admission management to declare the students result, the ERP solutions provide easy, error-free, and quick outcomes. ERP solutions for schools are cloud-based school management software that automates the school management functions.

Importance of school student information system

The system offers key distinct benefits that are listed below:

Increase productivity – the school student information system streamlines the administrative tasks that help to increase the overall productivity of school operations.

Better communication with parents and teachers – with the school information system, parents and teachers can stay connected and focus on students progress.

Accessibility to students – the information system provides real-time details about assignments, attendance, etc. Thus, students can have accessibility to check their routine work.

Ensure security – the school bus tracking offers actual-time bus route tracking and instantly provides an alert in case of an emergency.

Improves inter-department relations – the school student information system offers ease to connect with other departments within an institute. It enables simple and quick communication between staff members which reduces the communication gap.

Which student management system modules are preferred?

The student management system requires essential modules to manage students’ records efficiently. Also, it helps students to stay updated with the daily assignments and other important updates from the school.

Here is the list of preferable school management system modules:

  1. Attendance checking
  2. Schedule updates
  3. Exam and result updates
  4. Announcements
  5. Placement details (college students)
  6. Online fee payment (college students)
  7. Assignment detailing
  8. Transportation tracking
  9. Holiday updates, and many more.

Which school mobile app features are recommended?

A school mobile app usually offers the same features as a computer version of the school management system. It should all have all the necessary features with shortcuts to manage school administration skillfully.

Moreover, the features should be bifurcated according to the user’s role. For instance, administration staff should have the authority to add/edit the updates in the system, while students can only view the updates. Similarly, the features for parents and teachers need to be differentiated in the app.

Here is the comprehensive list of school mobile app features:

  • Instant announcements
  • Schedule management
  • Exam-result publishing
  • Fee management
  • Staff management
  • Online fee payments
  • Attendance checking
  • Exam-result updates
  • Homework details
  • Placement details
  • Transportation tracking
  • Assignment detailing, etc.

What is school bus tracking for parents?

Technology has evolved numerous useful innovations that help us to get real-time updates. As the school management software is trending these days, parents can stay updated with their child’s progress.

Further, they can also track the school bus for safety purposes. Nowadays, parents are more concern about the safety of their school going children, so the educational institutes are offering school bus tracking facilities to parents for safety and security reasons. Plus, with the tracking parents get information on the pickup and drop schedules. The major benefits of school bus tracking for parents are listed below;

  • Safety assurance
  • Real-time bus tracking to save time
  • High-quality of record keeping
  • Tracking of driver’s behavior, and many more.

What features school bus GPS tracking app offer?

School administrators are highly concerned about transportation management to assure student safety, addressing parent concerns, school bus routing, allocation, and optimization. The school bus GPS tracking app executes all of these tasks accessible with intelligent management tools, accurate communication, and reporting capabilities.

School bus GPS tracking app mainly consists of the following features :

  1. Savings on fuel costs
  2. Prohibition of unauthorized use
  3. Plan routes
  4. Enhance safety for drivers and students
  5. Get real-time updates of the school bus route
  6. Ensure safe transportation with speeding restriction
  7. Instantly provide emergency alerts

Hence, the school management application should have all the above-mentioned features along with the school bus tracking app. The school bus tracking app features is a must-have functionality that ensures the safety and security of the students. Are you looking for school management software?

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