Schools now face a major challenge to tackle various issues related to student management. Both parents and students are now highly conscious and want schools to deliver success to the students. There is a need for a platform that offers schools, students and parents, real-time information and here lies the value of School automation software.

The progress of information technology is also impacting educational organizations. It is important to introduce technology in schools to make the system paperless, smooth and effective. A school management application can perform this task in a user-friendly and convenient way, and facilitate the flow of information and harmonize the flow of knowledge.

School Management Information System

The ideal way to manage the complete school operation is a School Information System. SMIS is a process that provides the necessary information to manage the functions of a school effectively. It provides an objective system that records and aggregates information.

It also supports implementing the directions and strategic goals of an institute. With its implementation, the official procedures and the administrative process of a school can become simple. The records of a school, all information about the students and the teachers as well for other school employees can become easy to maintain.

The School management information system can also be very helpful to manage the attendance records and time-table of the teachers and the students. It can be very effective to maintain all data related to the examinations, financial issues and also asset management of an institution. The Scope Of School Management System is vast to ease all official work and ensure the efficient functioning of a school.

What Is the ‘MyEdu Student inquiry Management System’ Module?

Simply put, MyEdu Student inquiry Management System module helps to store and manage all inquires related to admissions in a school. It also helps to know the updates of the inquires made and manages all tasks connected with the inquiry process. Right from capturing leads to segmentation of the leads, it can be very effective to control the duplicity of any lead.

An educational institution does not need to maintain a huge amount of data captured from leads with an inquiry management system. When you feed all data in the information system, the system can maintain the track of the leads. Through multiple-level source tracking, it can track the conversions and can help the administrators to become more effective.

The module can help to gather all leads acquired through online and offline modes. With this, you will be able to store all inquires related to admissions in one place. It can manage the inquiries, export/import the inquiries from and to excel and know the status of any inquiry.

Features of Inquiry Management Module

The beauty of an inquiry management module is that you just have to feed all information to the system and let the system do all the work for you. It can make it possible to store and distribute information more efficiently. It brings a qualitative improvement in the existing practices of any educational system.

There are several important features of the system and the key features you can find here.

  • It captures the leads: Now, it is possible to reach the masses with the help of the digital revolution very easily. Social media campaigns and other modes can be very effective to reach prospects. With the help of e-mails, walk-ins, Facebook ads, chat inquiries, phone inquiries, etc. it is possible to auto-capture the student leads. With an inquiry management module, the management of a school can handle all leads in only a single platform. It eliminates any chance of duplicity of leads and prevents any leakage of the leads to the third parties. The administration can track all leads through various channels very easily.
  • Analysis of the collected data for student lead: There can be several applications for entry to an educational institution, for every course. But every inquiry may not be a lead as there can be students that only want information about the institution. It is important to segregate the data to identify the potential leads, to help the management retrieve the authentic inquiries and to take necessary action.
  • Arrest any duplicity of leads: There are cases where many students or parents make regular inquiries in the same school. The entry of data for the same student in the system may result in the duplicity of data. A proper lead management system can check all such issues of the duplicity of data, identify the source of origin channel and prevents the duplication issue. 
  • It can help to target leads in a better way:  With the advanced model of MyEdu Student inquiry Management System Module, targeting potential leads can be uncomplicated and effortless. With its use, there can be enough time for the staff of an educational institute to focus on the better leads. You can optimize the leads by a right analysis of leads and prospects.

You can create focused segments by filtering lacs of contacts and further you can concentrate on the preferences of the student leads. It will be easy for you to organize the leads based on gender, origin, and location. Thus, for an educational institute, it will become easy to track the leads that can become prospects and help for conversions. 

With this strategic follow-up process, the functioning of an organization can be smooth. Moreover, it is a very reliable and cost-effective method. The major goal of achieving the selection of the right candidate becomes easy to achieve with this module. 

Benefits of Dashboard Management Module

A dashboard management system is a great tool to aid school authorities to take prompt decisions that can be beneficial for the growth of a school. A dashboard presents important information as an overview of a particular situation. It displays factual, vital and accurate information in a pictorial way that can be easy to understand and process. 

Dashboard Management Module is one of the best technical tools that process relevant data and display the vital statistics over real-time. With the statistical reports generated in the form of graphs and charts, it becomes easy to understand that was not possible with the large information stored in excel sheets. There are many benefits to the Dashboard Management Module and the key benefits you can find here. 

  • Lead Management: Dashboard analytics can create reports that can show the problem areas affecting the enrollment numbers. It includes the demographics of a region like the male-female ratio, literacy rates, socio-economic conditions, etc. It also shows the preferred courses and subjects and the interest of students in a particular place that helps the authorities to take appropriate action through social media campaigns and marketing.
  • Financial Management: Dashboard Management Module can create financial reports also that can assist authorities to track various expenses. The reports consist of information about the expenses of various departments and management can easily assess the expenses with these reports. Thus, management can decide whether to divert the expenses to other departments or whether to continue with such expenses. 
  • Academics Management: Dashboard Management Module can help to create comprehensive reports of the students that can help the teachers to identify the weak points of a student. Based on the test performance, behavior and attendance of the students, these reports can be a great tool for analysis for the teachers. Thus, teachers can understand the problem areas of the students and help to overcome the issue. 
  • Dropout Management: Reduction of dropout rates is a priority task for any school but it is difficult to pinpoint the reason to take effective action. With Dashboard Analytics, you can get warning signs like low marks or low attendance, etc. You can also understand the socio-economic background of students that may generate drop-out cases and take necessary action(s) accordingly. 

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