The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools around the world to integrate technology into the learning process. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, paper, pens, and textbooks were slowly being replaced by projectors, cloud-computing, tablet PCs, and smartphones. Now, more schools have been forced to adopt the same. Virtual classrooms have become a primary source of learning for children. There’s no clarity about resuming physical classroom sessions. So, schools are modernizing and implementing asset management systems in a phased manner. Here’s how the school inventory management system proves helpful. 


Schools and colleges have several assets like laptops, DVDs, books and magazines, overhead projectors, LCD panels, digital boards, tablet PCs, CCTV cameras, IT webcams, chairs, tables, etc. Pantry units like tea, coffee machines, water filters also need constant monitoring. Barcoding library books, workshop tools, audio equipment, and printers can prove to be useful. This is where the school inventory management system comes into the picture. They help in managing, tracking, monitoring these devices, ensuring they are used appropriately. 


Every item gets a barcode, QR code, RFID, anti-theft labeling solutions, and sensors. The school management software starts monitoring the asset right from procurement and registration.

The school inventory management system works as an asset management solution and provides insights on devices that remain the most inactive due to faults. Access to such data helps in selecting the best and the most durable gadgets for the school premises. The admin team can make informed decisions concerning repairing, replacement, and maintenance of machines. 

Device information is stored with the model number, serial number, and photographs. The school inventory management system also helps in tracking depreciation and warranty.


From classrooms, meeting rooms, science labs, to the sports auditorium, schools have hundreds of assets in various premises. At times, devices get damaged or stolen, and the admin team realizes it after it’s too late. Even lighting and plumbing assets need to be monitored for signs of problems because keeping these devices operational is crucial for the smooth functioning of the institution. 

A cloud-based asset register can always keep the management updated about the integrated device’s location and performance. Real-time tracking of gadgets helps in ensuring faults and issues are logged as soon as possible. The data further helps in preventative maintenance and administrators can decide if the item should be replaced or repaired. Most importantly, the management can ensure a seamless learning experience for students as there won’t be any disruptions or problems related to assets. 

Stats generated from asset tracking can help in identifying if it can offer real value to the institution or not. 


Asset theft results in a schedule disruption and increases problems for schools that operate with a tight budget. A robust school inventory management system that tracks devices can reduce the risk and avoid theft incidents. 

Teachers and students need to place a request for borrowing any device using the asset management portal. Administrators can approve or reject the application, and the gadget can be collected from the inventory by swapping the ID card. Sensors and trackers regularly send data for the device’s health. The management can keep greater control on the gadget, and ensure it does not get damaged or lost. The system also helps in putting more accountability on individuals who borrow the organization’s assets for use. 

School administrators can use an Android or iOS application to stay updated about hundreds of school devices’ status.

The availability calendar function in the school inventory management system shows the list of available equipment that teachers and students can reserve in advance. The software also indicates devices that are checked out or are under maintenance. 


As soon as the software is implemented, schools need to register all the assets. It makes the institution more organized. The software ensures all the stakeholders benefit from the investment. The simple check-in and check-out procedure allows administrators to get details about the device user. 

A performance report for a single device or set of equipment can be generated in PDF format within minutes. This makes the auditor’s job easy. It can also be integrated with the school management system app, ERP, or institute management software.

May it is chemistry or physics lab equipment, projector, laptops, or other devices, teachers won’t have to change their plans due to lack of equipment. The asset tracking solution can help in scheduling, booking equipment in advance for use. In the case of laptops, PCs, and smartphones, administrators can even create IDs with custom roles to enable users to access only a limited number of functions.  

The school inventory management system works in favor of school staff, students, and academics.

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