Online Education: Unveil the Truth Concealed by these False Notions

E-learning has been a growing industry for over a decade. However, its importance came into the picture only after the distressfully scaring pandemic hit the world.

As the novel coronavirus took control of the world, people became confined to the four walls of their homes. The world was at a standstill, and it had to be until the control was snatched back from this deadly virus. 

However, the virus didn’t seem to want to leave us anytime soon, and the situation warranted alternative measures to continue running the world. As such, everything came to a virtual environment.

The corporates and industry giants incorporated remote working. As for the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, online classes and e-learning was a resort.

However, everyone, be it the teachers, students, or parents, has reservations towards e-learning. Schools and colleges have run in a classroom setting with blackboard, chalk and duster, tables and chairs, books and stationery, and more things like that for as long as we can remember. So, moving those classrooms to mobiles, laptops, tablets, and PCs with screens and pen tabs replacing the blackboard and chalks, pdfs replacing books, etc., was a difficult thing to accept.

Even when we’re adjusting to the new normal, the reservations stay put, more so because of many myths and misconceptions associated with e-learning. People very much think that it’s not effective studying and one might not study at all than attending online classes. Teachers feel like students aren’t paying attention, teachers aren’t putting enough effort into teaching, and parents are worried about their child’s future.

However, e-learning is as effective as any traditional classroom learning, and in some cases, even better. This fact could easily be understood by unveiling the truths behind all the misconceptions people carry about online education.

So, here we bring to you some of the most flawed concepts about online education and detail into the real truth.

MythBusters – Correcting the Flawed Concepts

Brace yourself for getting acquainted with the truths as this article corrects the flawed concepts about e-learning

Myth #1 – You cannot ask doubts or interact with the teachers

Traditional schools and classrooms provided an easy and convenient interaction with the teachers, and you could easily ask the doubt. Now, just because the teacher is behind the screen, you start assuming that you wouldn’t be able to interact or ask doubts. Well, that’s very flawed thinking.

Even when your teacher is behind the screen, e-learning software ensures convenient accessibility with features like “Ask Doubts,” “Raise Hands,” “Live Chats,” and a lot more. With all these features, you can ask your doubts very conveniently, and that too without getting judged.

Myth #2 – You lose touch with your friends and classmates

Well, that’s again flawed conception and thinking. When you went to school and college, you could meet your classmates, make friends, and enjoy yourself with them. Online education snatches that pleasure from you.

Even in online classrooms, you can have a very interactive environment. Your educator can plan activities; you can have online debates and group discussions. You can talk to your friends in the online chat options and can even connect virtually. So, there’s no way that you lose touch or interaction with your friends and classmates.

Myth #3 – You can’t build a network as you would in traditional classrooms

This cannot be further from the truth. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite of this.

Online education can be a hub for network building. In traditional classrooms, you’re limited by boundaries which is never the case with online classes. There could be students from all around the world, and you could easily connect with them over social platforms building a solid network over time.

Myth #4 – Online Education hardly has any value

This is the most popular myth around. People believe that anyone could enroll in online courses and get degrees. As such, no employer will value such degrees, and the money put in such education won’t be worthwhile.

That’s not at all true.

Online education is as challenging as studying in traditional classrooms, and in fact, even more. You need to stay motivated to sit through an online lecture; else, you could just exit from it, which is never the case with traditional classes. So, finishing up your online course and degree requires discipline on your part, which is very challenging.

Moreover, e-learning is no new concept. Corporates are including it into their systems for their associates’ and employees’ skills development and training. As such, no employer will undermine your online degrees.

Gone are the times when mark sheets and degrees were the basis and criteria for landing jobs. Now, your talent and skills come into question. As long as you’ve got that, it’d hardly matter whether you took your degree through offline or online education.

Final Words

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