How Can School ERP Software Help in Enhancing The Indian Education System?

From the ambiance of the school, security arrangements, to the methods of teaching used by teachers, educational institutes in India have changed a lot since the last decade. Not private, but even government schools in states like Delhi have taken initiatives to raise the standard of education. Technology, especially, systems like school ERP, has played a key role in making things less-complicated, student-friendly.

What is School ERP? What’s the Importance of School Management Solutions?

The Enterprise Resource Planning or school ERP systems can be designed to cater to the diverse needs of various educational institutions. Simply put, the ERP system can help in improving students’ reading skills, school’s infrastructure, attendance percentage, distribution of online education materials, and most importantly, to increase the passing rate of students.

Safety Aspects retain the Top Position in School ERP Software Features

When it comes to student safety, the administration needs to manage several aspects like preventing ragging on school premises, managing fire safety, ensuring the security of kids while they travel in buses, and protect students from sexual abuse as well.

Security features occupy the top spot in school erp modules. On-premise security, tracking of buses, and vans was never so convenient. The software can be integrated with CCTV cameras to ensure vulnerable areas within the premises remain under constant surveillance.

ERP software supports biometric verification for students and visitors with the help of RFID enabled cards and fingerprints. RFID smart cards based tracking for visitors helps the institution to follow them on a real-time basis while they are inside the institution’s premises.

Thanks to the same digital system, attendance reports can be generated within minutes and shared with parents via app, text message.

Educational institutions also need to maintain a proper database for background details about peons, bus drivers and conductors, and other non-teaching support staff working for the organization. The Enterprise Resource Planning solution helps in maintaining the same in formats specified by the local authorities.

The software helps in utilizing the real power of vigilance for offering a safe environment. The institution’s administrators can manage safety aspects related to transport, infrastructure, and physical well-being of students using a single software. It contributes a lot towards creating a safe learning environment for kids.

Study Materials In Digital Format

Studies have already pointed out that kids should not carry school bags that weigh more than 10 percent of their body weight. But, this is not followed in most of the countries.

ERP solutions for schools can transform teaching and learning methods. Most of the web-based school ERP solutions allow school administrators to access and share study material in digital audio, video, text format with students. Thus, there is no need to carry heavy school bag daily.

Strategies for Effective School Management Must Involve Parents

Instructional practices and policies in institutions around the world do motivate parental involvement in improving a child’s learning. Parental involvement can be in the form of helping their child in homework, revision, or participation in the school workshops, events.

Communicating with parents about their child’s performance and the school’s vision remains crucial. Educational institutions also guide parents and encourage them to create a learning environment at home for their kids. The educational institute’s website, online forums, and apps help in bridging the communication gap. Parents can use these channels to connect with teachers as well as councilors and get solutions for their challenges.

Can Parents’ Involvement Help?

One of the most recently conducted studies in this matter happens to be from Harvard University’s Student Social Support R&D Lab. The department’s director Todd Rogers recently interacted with journalists and shared some interesting findings. As a part of the experiment, attendance data of 11,000 students from various elementary schools in the US was shared with their parents. Pupils with high absenteeism percentage were selected. By the end of the study, researchers witnessed a 15 percent drop in chronic absenteeism amongst the selected students. Merely sharing the attendance data with guardians made such a difference.

Result for another study conducted jointly by Harvard and University of Bristol highlighted how sending text messages to parents about kid’s progress in the school activities, and homework can create a positive impact. As a part of the study referred to as Parent Engagement Project, parents from 36 selected schools were sent such text messages. Kids whose parents received such alerts managed to perform better in the tests and exams that followed.  Perhaps, it won’t be wrong to tag it as Hawthorne effect; people work harder when they are aware of being under observation.

The school ERP software helps administrators to use channels like emails, text messages, and apps for sharing study materials, attendance details, exam schedules, and even exam marks.

Real-Time Data for Vehicles

These days, not just ‘smart’ cities like Singapore but even developing countries like India have strict norms when it comes to monitoring school vans and buses. This may sound weird. School apps that share details about school van or bus route and vehicle location with guardians are often appreciated. Such information offers relief to parents who feel stressed until their child reaches back home from school.  The ERP software makes it easy for the administration to share real-time data for various buses and vans with parents.

Bringing Positive Changes in The Life of Students

The government in India’s capital, Delhi, recently introduced happiness course in some schools. The curriculum focuses on increasing helpfulness and cooperation. Teachers work towards increasing daily attendance and making the environment student friendly. So, they talk more and can participate in discussions. Overall, students become emotionally stable, and caring as well as responsible while in the school.

The old underutilized school premises are slowly being converted into state-of-the-art infrastructure. Such projects set an example to prove that innovative ideas, technology, and government’s willingness can put a new life even in government schools.

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