School Management System: The Biggest Contribution of MyEdu App in Fee Management

School Management Systems, like the one offered by MyEdu, can prove invaluable to schools and colleges. Such systems are already proving their worth in facilitating distance education in these post-Covid times. The school management software also includes a module to facilitate school fee payment later on down this post. 

MyEdu’s school management ERP solution is a solution that bridges the digital divide and brings educational institutions up to date with current technologies. Here is all that you can do with MyEdu’s school management system: 

  • Manage and have control over all administrative activities of the educational institution
  • Let teachers set timetables and teaching schedules, conduct exams online, evaluate and post results, and interact with students and teachers.
  • Conduct online teaching sessions in real-time as well as give students access to recorded sessions and study materials
  • Promote and facilitate teacher-parent-student interaction through desktop software and mobile app
  • Send out notifications, emails and make announcements from within the school management system software. 
  • Make it easy on the school fee payment side through the app.

How does the MyEdu app facilitate school fee payment, and why is it so invaluable?

1. More students, more fees, more revenue

Schools rely on fees to generate revenue for their expenses and to pay salaries. It is obvious that the more students you have, the more revenue you can generate. However, the more students you have, the more complex it becomes to manage fee payments. You can simplify this and automate it by using the app within the MyEdu school management system. With this system and its app, you can realize your wish to have more students and higher revenues. 

2. Automate registration and fee payment

Suppose you are enrolling new students at the start of an academic year. The usual route is to get applicants to fill in forms and then evaluate the student resumes. Thereafter you notify successful candidates and visit the school to complete the admission process and pay fees. After that, you have to account for fees collected and issue admission letters. 

Switch to the MyEdu school management system, and all this is automated. Student applicants or their parents download the app and use it for all the above-mentioned purposes without experiencing the inconvenience of repeated trips to the school. MyEdu app lets them fill in the form and upload documents. You send them the notification to pay fees for admission. They use the app to make payments and receive confirmation of admission as well as electronic receipt. 

3. Regular fee collection 

The MyEdu app in the school management system is equally useful to collect fees from existing students. You can send out reminders and notifications by way of email and SMS that students and parents receive. Parents log in to the app and use their credit/debit card or online banking system to remit fees in just five minutes. Remittances are credited to the proper accounts under the right heads in the MyEdu school management solution. 

4. Collect miscellaneous payments

Your school is likely to organize events from time to time for which students will have to pay to participate. In such instances, too, you will find the MyEdu app useful to inform parents about the event and request payments. If students use the school bus, this app will also help collect monthly or annual transportation charges. 

What are the exceptional benefits catered by MyEdu app for optimal fees?

The app is part of the overall school ERP solution. When parents make payments, such fees are automatically credited to their account under the proper heads. 

  • You reduce the load on your employees to collect fees and post them in the accounting system. You can make do with fewer employees, reduce load and time as well as improve efficiency. 
  • Payments online are safe and secure through SSL encryption, so parents have no worries about misappropriating cash or going into the wrong account. 
  • Parents do not have to waste time and effort to go to the school to deposit fees. 
  • You get a timely collection, and this improves your cash flow. 
  • If there are issues, these are easily resolved through the app.
  • The app keeps track of payment records reflected in the school management system, so there are no chances of errors of commission or omission. There is transparency in payments and accounting. 
  • Schools can manage the fees of thousands of students with ease. 


A school is not all that much different from a large enterprise. Just as an enterprise has various divisions, so does a school. Schools have the administrative side, the management side, the faculty side, and the student side to handle. Paper-based management is prone to errors, time-consuming, and difficult to trace.

 There is a lot more the MyEdu app can do besides facilitating fee payment. Request a FREE demo to know all its features and what the app can do for your school.

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