How School Parent Communication Is An Effective Way To Improve Students’ Performance

Serving children in your institute is not an easy task. Many details should come together in order to design a flourishing educational program. Nevertheless, one element is prominent than the rest, your capability to communicate with parents.

Research suggests that effective communication is compelling for a child’s successful school career. In this article, you will get detailed information about how school parent communication is an efficient way to improve students’ academic performance.

Active communication education

In education, the institute can deliver better educational services if it has active communication policies. Usually, communication allows the active participation of teachers, parents, students, and school management. The involvement helps to improve learning for the students, and extra efforts can be placed to deliver high quality of educational services.

For some parents, active communication is limited to check the grades of their children and how to improve it. Others would love to get involved in school activities and play a bigger role. The parents who are actively participating with a child’s school have an advantage to a successful school career for their children.

In fact, schools should promote active communication education and encourage parents to participate in the activity. Zestful communication will allow them to collaborate with parents and students. Also, it will help to improve the school branding along with the betterment of the students.

lack of communication with parents

The school communicates with parents for the sake of a student’s academic achievements along with other skills (personality, sports, etc.) development. But, when communication shortfalls, it directly affects a pupil’s overall progress. More importantly, a child may not be able to achieve success even though he/she has capabilities. So, it is vital to have strong, yet frequent communication between parents-teacher-school.

There might be a communication gap either from parents or school. However, a school should define strategy and implement those to avoid a lack of communication with parents.

School communication strategy

Every educational institute should have a specific set of communication strategies. The strategies are an efficient way to deliver standard education to the students. The collaboration of parents, teachers, and school management along with students not only help for the betterment of the students, but it created a strong relationship between parents and school. Thus, the school communication strategy should be defined by the school for the bright school career of all the students.

Moreover, it helps to improvise a pupil’s personality. The policies are not just designed to achieve good grades, but it is essential to the overall development of students. For instance, monthly parents meeting is one of the systematic approaches in the strategy to connect parents with their child’s progress.

How do schools communicate with parents

Family involvement is schooling aids in student’s academic and other achievements. Hence, most of the schools have pre-defined communication strategies to communicate with parents. There are multiple ways schools stay connected with parents.

  • Parents Meeting – the educational institutes arrange a meeting with parents to discuss the pupil’s progress at school.
  • Email & SMS – Sometimes schools send important messages, or alerts via email or SMS to the guardians. It’s an easy, yet effective way to inform an announcement from the school.
  • Social Media – digital communication is evolving, and many times schools prefer social media to inform about various programs, activities, events, etc. This medium of communication helps the institutes to track the parents’ engagement efficiently.
  • Blog – often times, schools post blogs to notify parents about important topics related to education. Usually, the blog aims to educate and brief parents about the institute news.
  • Apps – nowadays, educational institutes are adopting some type of digital medium like a mobile app to stay constantly connected with the parents. This will not only help to collaborate but also have a positive impact on a child’s school career.

Ways to communicate with students

In general, the school communicates face to face with students. However, oftentimes, the educational institute would prefer a digital medium including app, email, social media, etc. to stay connected with the students. It solely depends on the matter of the notification to choose which type of medium to inform students. In short, pedagogical institutes uses similar or the same methods to communicate with parents and the students.

Benefits of effective communication in schools

Communication is the key to solve major problems. It is vital to have a positive perception of a matter. When educational institutes want to maintain high-quality standards, effective communication is a necessity.

There are ample benefits of effective communication in schools which are listed below:

  • Communication skills help in the career development of students
  • Students have better personality development at school
  • Positive Parent-teacher communication is essential for a student’s successful school career
  • School parent communication helps students in problem-solving
  • Effective communication promotes engagement between students and teachers
  • Strong school parent communication increases trust between both entities
  • Effectual communication in schools builds relationships with parents

School and parent communication

School and parents are equally responsible for a student’s failure or success of a school career. To avoid imparity in communication school and parents should schedule a regular meet up.

Here are the most important consideration for school parent communication:

  • Updates about students progress
  • Agendas to improve student’s performance
  • Information about child’s yearly academic plans
  • Tactics to encourage students to participate in co-curricular activities
  • Event calendar and meeting schedule
  • Updates of any changes to the educational program, etc.

Hence, school parent communication imperative for students bright career at school. It helps in academics as well as the overall progress of a student. Effective communication is the key to maintaining quality education standards at school. But, how to achieve productive communication between school and parents?

Well, the traditional way is there to maintain communication. But, in today’s fast-paced era, digital communication is crucial to stay connected with each other. MyEdu is a smart school communication tool that suits for all educational institutes to connect parents, teachers, and students. Contact us now to get more details on how MyEdu can be your effective communication tool to manage the day to day activities effectively.

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