The education sector is witnessing a fierce competition since the last decade. Every educational institution’s management needs to ensure they offer the best infrastructure and administration for remaining ahead in the race. Technology, in the form of school management systems, helps in doing just that. Thus, it has become the world of education’s latest cool quotient.

What is the school administration software?

The software helps in managing accounts, finance, security, classroom schedules, exam, and assignments, as well as parent-teacher communication using a single solution in a centralized manner. Here’re several crucial points to be considered while selecting software to ensure effective school management for school improvement.

Must help in storing data as per regulations

A school has to comply with several government regulations concerning data. Institutions need to keep information about every student’s family background, details about professors as well as teaching professionals, background check details for admin staff, and even bus drivers.

Data management features offered by SERP (School Enterprise Resource Management) help in managing and editing data efficiently. It remains easily accessible to administrators for future reference and can be presented to authorities during various audits.

Creating a virtual campus

Portals and forums enable parents to log-in and check their kid’s classroom schedule and overall progress. The feature helps working parents a lot to keep an eye on what their little one does while in the school.

The online course content helps students and parents to access it anytime via the school website and app. School forum and website also work as a virtual learning space where learners can access videos and audio podcasts for lessons covered during the past sessions. Administrators can upload engaging content and ensure kids spend their valuable time in learning while away from the school. All this can be done using single administration software.

Managing communication effectively

SERP systems make administrative tasks easy and centrally controlled. School-related communication; transport updates, fee reminders, assignment alerts, messages, app notifications can be sent using the same system. Course-related messages can be sent automatically to the students as well.

Notices, circulars, list of holidays for the month, etc. can be shared with parents within minutes.

Several studies have proved that the involvement of parents in their kid’s educational activities can help in improving the child’s grades. It also allows teachers to interact with parents, set expectations, and help guardians to create learning, joyous environment at home. Teachers can share concerns about the child’s behavior privately rather than talking about the same in front of others during the monthly parents-teachers meeting.

Availability of such communication platforms can ensure parents and teachers can get their concerns resolved.

Should make admission management and online fee payment easy

Managing students’ admission is perhaps the most critical process. Creating files and manual entries in multiple folders is the thing of the past. Admission processes like filling forms, selecting the course, fee payment, etc. are performed, completed digitally. Parents can get relief from waiting in the long queues for admission, while the school management does not have to worry about managing admission data files. It removes the complication associated with admission procedure, brings transparency, saves costs, and makes the entire process paperless.

Digital copy of receipts can be emailed automatically to parents. Funds get transferred to the school’s bank account. Data remains secure in the cloud-based systems and can be accessed anytime by school administrators as well as parents.

Managing assignments and homework efficiently

Keeping track for students’ assignments, homework, and other projects is another human resource-consuming task. Thanks to the web-based school management system, such tasks can be assigned, tracked, and submitted at any time. As data for assignments and homework gets stored in cloud-based storage automatically, hundreds of hours spent on creating paperwork can be saved. It offers convenience to teachers, especially those who handle multiple tasks due to a shortage of staff. They can check the assignment and update scores as per convenience.

Integration with existing attendance systems

Most of the educational institutions in the country have installed thumb impression based biometric attendance systems or RFID cards based one. Whenever a student enters a classroom or lab, the attendance system automatically updates the data. New SERP solutions integrate with such attendance systems so that the attendance data can be updated and text message alerts can be sent to the parents of absent kids daily, automatically.

Tracking school vehicles

A recent spike in crime against children has forced schools as well as government regulatory bodies to take the security of kids seriously.

Educational institutions not only need to implement the best security system for school premises, but they also have to follow protocols for managing school vans and buses. SERP software offers modules that can help in integration with the GPS and keep track of all the vehicles on a real-time basis. The same information can be made available in the app for parents as well.

Overall, the software can increase productivity, save time, and human resource cost at the same time. It also helps in complying with various accounting, data security, and on-premise school security norms.

Which are the other crucial features of school management software?

  • Managing digital attendance records for students and teachers
  • Issuing permanent ID cards for students and temporary ones for visitors
  • Issuing various certificates to current and past students
  • Offering real-time status for the availability of classrooms, labs
  • Send alerts via email and text messages to parents of children who show chronic absenteeism
  • Automatically send alerts for assignment grades and exam results to parents
  • Most importantly, the SERP must be able to integrate with the institute’s existing app and website easily

User-friendly interface is a crucial requirement for SERP. Teachers and parents should be able to access the data without facing any trouble, using their mobile devices. If you need a software vendor who can offer school erp systems designed to cater to your institute’s specific needs, you should get in touch with Smart Sight Innovations. The firm has considerable experience in offering web-based and iOS/Android-based applications for educational institutions.

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