Effective Ways To Increase Child Safety And Security With School Management System Software

For keeping up with the unparallel growth and ensuring a safer environment for students, educational institutions are embracing new technology that simplifies administrative activities. The ERP systems designed for higher education are playing a pivotal role in automating tedious tasks.

What is school management software?

The school management solution or school ERP software makes the overall administration easy.

The software manages online admission processing and fee collection, student data administration, attendance data management. It also takes care of online examination, assessments, and declaring results. Sending email alerts as well as app notifications about attendance, exam schedule, and other essential things have become easy. Payroll management along with with accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as tax invoices takes just a few minutes.

Web-based school software can be customized to work with the organization’s existing website and mobile apps. Attendance, transport, exam, holidays, and other alerts can be delivered to the parents within minutes. Once programmed, the ERP software automatically sends a list for monthly holidays, daily attendance report, fee dues details, exam schedules, and other notices.

Administrators can assign login credentials to parents, teachers, students, and grant access to the data that’s most relevant to them.

Child’s safety and security

Parents often feel worried about their child’s safety while he or she goes to school.  Even the guardians of 13-to-17 year-olds prefer to know the whereabouts of their kids. Every teen may not appreciate installing tracking apps on his or her phone to allow guardians to track their movements. Thus, the security measures at school and colleges at least help parents to remain well-informed regarding their child’s attendance.

Ensuring the safety of students is the primary task of the easy to use school ERP systems.

Involvement of parents proves beneficial

Several studies have proved the importance of good attendance in the student’s academic performance. Now, research work also indicates that parents can play an essential role in ensuring their child’s absenteeism percentage remains low. It pointed out that the best and the low-cost way for educational institutions to keep parents in the loop is using message alerts about the pupil’s absenteeism percentage. Details about this research work were published in the American Educational Research Journal, December 2018 edition. It suggests increasing the involvement of parents in education can reduce chronic absenteeism by as much as 14.9 percent.

Managing the school’s transport system

Most of the state transport departments in India have made GPS tracking and panic button mandatory in buses to ensure the safety of the students. Several rape and molestation cases involving bus drivers and attendants forced the authorities to introduce such guidelines.

Such systems have proved their ability by reducing the number of accidents, reckless driving, and by improving passenger safety.  Vehicle tracking is one of the necessary measures for strengthening school security.

Educationalists, activists, students’ organizations and parents have been demanding these safety measures for several decades. Finally, the government’s decision to make them mandatory for private and government schools has proved helpful.

Fortunately, the bus management happens to be a vital school management software feature. It helps in defining bus routes, vehicle details, bus maintenance planning, handling schedules for various bus routes, and of course, tracking the real-time location of the vehicles.

The online school management system software automatically sends messages and app notifications to parents about their child’s school bus schedule. Prior alerts are sent in case of delays in pick up and drop.

Administration and premise security

Both, the students and teachers outcome depends on the school facilities. Educational institutions with better facilities manage to recruit experienced professors and retain them. Without proper facilities and administration, serving a large number of students becomes a tedious task.

Factors like classroom lighting and temperature also play a crucial role in student achievement percentage. Too hot or too cold temperature can be annoying. The ERP system helps in maintaining healthy, constant temperature across all rooms. The administrators can continuously monitor the same using the dashboard.

The school ERP system is capable of monitoring multiple activities happening inside the school premises at the same time. It allows administrators to monitor the real-time occupancy status, lighting, and temperature of all the classrooms.

There’s a separate module for managing hostel facilities as well. The administrators can check the data for the number of occupied, available rooms at any point. Allocation of rooms, hostel fee payment processing can be done within seconds. E-receipts and email alerts are auto-triggered in case of payment made towards student’s fees and other charges.

Other security aspects

Thankfully, most of the school premises remain under closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance. In September last year, the Delhi High Court even urged schools to install cameras inside classrooms and make the footage accessible to parents.

Central and state governments in India started taking the school premises security seriously since the Ryan school murder case details became public. The CCTV footage helped in catching the real culprit.

Thankfully, tailor-made school management software modules can be programmed to manage closed-circuit cameras installed within the school premises. The software also offers a digital visitor management system for the school administration to store information about visitors and issue a temporary ID for them.

Along with student details, educational institutions in India also needs to keep updated information about teachers, professors, lab assistants, consultants, and other administrative employees working in the school. Maintaining records for support staff hired from agencies is legally binding. A part of this information needs to be submitted to the state authorities and police. The human resource management functions offered by the ERP software help in organizing, storing, and quickly sharing this information whenever required.

Several case studies show school management system works. If you wish to enhance security and get the best out of the available child safety features at your school, you should consider getting in touch with MyEdu. Their engineers have several years of experience in implementing school ERP systems to enhance the organization’s overall security.

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