Automated student attendance solutions offer several features that assist administrators in daily tasks. Besides schools and colleges, even coaching classes can gain from daily attendance software. Here’re some aspects that highlight the features and significance of attendance management solutions for educational institutions. 

RFID And Biometric-based Attendance Systems

Biometric device attendance software works with an iris reader or a fingerprint scanner (a punching machine) installed at the venue’s entry and exit points. It is considered as a highly-accurate, foolproof attendance tracking method.

RFID- Radio Frequency Identification works with an RFID ID key card that the user needs to place near a receiver/reader/scanner to open the entry or exit point. Every card has a unique identity, and the system marks the person’s attendance based on the same identification number. Some schools have also installed facial recognition-based solutions. But, fingerprint and RFID options remain two of the most preferred due to privacy concerns attached to facial-recognization.

Not Meant For Marking Teachers And Students’ Attendance

Administrative, non-education staff also plays a crucial role in the functioning of a coaching institute. Tracking their leaves and attendance is vital for the organization. The biometric school attendance system helps in monitoring the same as everyone entering the premises needs to open one of the biometric fingerprint controlled door locks.

Besides maintaining attendance data for staff, the same system can also be accessed by them for tracking and applying for leaves, as well as for calculating working hours. The same data can be share with the payroll team for ensuring everyone gets an accurate paycheck.

Unique access cards can be issue to guest lecturers for allowing them to access the premises and calculating their working hours without any scope for errors. 

Spotlight On Security Aspects Of Coaching Institutes

The security aspect is much more critical than ever before for schools, colleges, and coaching institutes. 

India saw fire incidents at multiple coaching institutes in various parts of the country during the last few years. Thus, state and local governments have increased the number of infrastructural audits carried out on coaching institutes. Secured infrastructure with entry and exit points, as well as fire safety measures, are most appreciated.

Crimes against children are on the rise. Parents often remain concerned about their child’s well-being when he or she is out for school or for attending coaching classes. Thus, besides schools, parents appreciate coaching centers that have the greatest security measures in place. Such systems ensure that only someone with valid access can enter the coaching center premises. 

Put, the digital attendance management systems on entry and exit points serve both the attendance management as well as security purposes.

Improvement In Attendance Percentage 

Parents consider coaching institutes as the best support for admission tests, competitive exams, and school/board exams. But, students fail to score well due to lack of attention and, of course, attendance. With an advanced attendance management system in place, the coaching institute can send daily attendance alerts to parents. 

Studies have highlighted that students display positive behavior & attitude when they remain aware of their parents’ involvement in their studies. They won’t think of bunking classes if the attendance is share with the guardians daily. It also enhances punctuality amongst latecomers.

Maintaining attendance records is crucial for schools, colleges, and educational institutions. The automated, cloud-based attendance tracking software generates reports with student’s entry and exit time within minutes. Precious classroom time can be easily saved by keeping teachers away from mundane tasks, like creating an attendance report with a pen & paper.

Digital Attendance Management System At Govt Schools 

Private Edu-institutions in India always happens to be the first ones when it comes to adopting the latest technologies for simplifying education and administrative procedures. But when it comes to digital attendance systems, government schools are not far behind.

Several government schools in Delhi already have a biometric attendance system in place. In September 2019, Gujarat Government made a remarkable decision and introduced a biometric attendance system at 40,000 govt run primary schools for curbing absenteeism. It has helped in keeping teachers free from administrative work as attendance data gets updated and shared with parents as well. Govt funded schools in Tamil Nadu are also following Gujarat and Delhi’s footsteps for modernization.

Along with schools, colleges, and universities, even small institutions can immensely benefit from the software. But, several institution administrators remain confused when it comes to benefits offered by such software.

Administrators managing multiple branches of coaching institutes can manage attendance records with a single system from a centralized location. If you need a reputed Edu-tech firm for developing a student attendance management system or school ERP, you should consider discussing your project with experts at MyEdu. The firm has developed several web-based and mobile app-based platforms for educational institutions.

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