Competition is ingrained in life and it is a part of evolution. Only the best get to the top. It is no different in studies and career. Healthy competition contributes to the growth of students and prepares them for life which in itself is competitive.

Competition leads to excellence

If there is competition among students it inspires each one to put in extra efforts to know more, learn more and to excel. Whether it is sports or studies students must have a fire kindled from within that inspires them to become achievers.

Competition fosters motivation

Consider a scenario in which all students will be promoted without exams. They do not have any motivation to study. Competition also has rewards and this fosters motivation. There is practical motivation behind competition among college students in that if they excel they are likely to get into rewarding careers. If everyone is assured a job then you will have mediocre people in responsible jobs and that certainly is not going to help the economy.

Competition leads to competence

Take a look at competitive exams for admissions to educational institutes and competitive exams to get into well paying jobs. Students who appear for such exams must not only have knowledge but also the capability to complete set number of questions within a defined time period. Guidebooks and coaching institutes build in students the competence to get work done fast and do it efficiently. If it were not for the competitive nature of such exams it is unlikely students will put in efforts to build competence.

Competition brings satisfaction in achievements

Competition may be about reaching the top but it also is a way for achievers to have a deep sense of satisfaction that their efforts have been recognized and rewarded. They feel a sense of pride and rewards born of competition spur them to do even more.


Just how does a student know how competent or knowledgeable he is? It is only when he is pitted against others in a competition that he realizes where he stands. If he does well he develops self-confidence. If lagged behind, he will put in extra efforts to forge ahead. If he succeeds in one area he is likely to have the self-confidence to take on challenges in other areas too and develop fully.

Toughens students

Some people conclude that competition leads to stress and depression in students. This may be true for a small percentage but for the majority of students, competition toughens them to take on life in college and then real-life jobs and situations. In this world, it is every man for himself. Teach children to become tough at a young age and they will know how to tackle competition they are sure to face throughout their lives.

Handle disappointments

Students must learn that they cannot always be number one and that defeat and disappointment are part of life. Competitions can teach students to be balanced and handle disappointments with equanimity. Disappointment can spur them to do better in competitions.


Without a target that competitions set for students they are not going to develop a sense of responsibility. When students appear for exams or take part in sports each one is responsible for success. This sense of responsibility spills over to other areas of life as well.

Better society

Competition among college students motivates them to excel and this creates a generation of youth that will surely help in the creation of a better society with higher standards in all areas. Competitive youth will foster the same spirit in their children. They will want to improve the conditions and work for progress. The standard of living improves. In a broader sense, such motivated youth could also work for the upliftment of the less advantaged and lead a nation’s growth.

Competition must also promote collaboration

One of the drawbacks of competition is that it focuses on individual effort. If it is sports, the naturally fitter students are likely to do better. If it is studies those with better resources and support are likely to leap forward and then when they succeed they are likely to gloat over their achievement. Healthy competition is one in which everyone stands a fair chance and one that promotes collaboration. While a student may crow about his achievement he must also realize that others too have contributed to his success.

Promoting healthy competition

Competition among students in school is the starting point and this continues to college life, a transition period when they get ready to face pressures of life. It is the time when healthy competition should become ingrained in their psyche and colleges, through college management app can and should promote competition along with collaboration for the good of the individual and for the collective good.

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