The School Management Software is a platform that is used to manage the processes and operations of an educational institution. The school management software usually has many inbuilt functionalities that help all the users in the school. Many stakeholders demand that the software should provide more this is when the integrations come in. Integrations refer to the capability of the school management software to work with or collaborate with an external functionality and have it smoothly run.

The school management software is a reliable and robust tool that is comprehensive and handles all the processes and operations of the educational institutions. With integrations, the educational institutions can simply bridge the gap between the school management software and the tool, software, or platform that is in use.

Multiple integrations are possible with the school management software, the users that include teachers, students, parents, non-educational staff like an administrative staff and even the management or controlling board of a school will be benefited from the integration of school management software. Let’s understand the top seven integrations in any school management software. Read on below to find out what one should be looking at for integrations for the school management software:

SMS Integration

The school management software is capable of integrating with a bulk SMS provider, enabling management, teachers, and administrative staff to connect with parents and students quickly and easily and in one go. Students, as well as parents, can also set up SMS alert notifications that are reliable and delivered. Finally, SMS alerts can be set up to be sent out in bulk automatically whenever events occur in the school management software, this helps in reducing the demand for human intervention.

Email Integration

The school management software can be integrated with the desired email client to set up email notifications for others such as parents and students. The integration empowers the administrator to send emails to chosen stakeholders. They can also give permission to the employees to be able to do the same through the school management software integration itself. The automated emails can be set up for specified groups of recipients for specific events taking place in the school management software.

Online Payment Gateway

While some school management software has its own payment gateways, many schools use their own customized payment gateways that they may not want to leave. This is where custom online payment gateway integration comes into act. The robust school management software will allow for such integration that delivers secured and easy payments.

Transport Tracking System

Implementing a GPS integration tracking system in school vehicles for students’ security provides to perform live monitoring of all the buses and other vehicles. The MyEdu offers the GPS tracker in the transport fleet with the school management software and makes it easy to track the buses, other vehicles keep track of the students’ pick up and drop details to ensure parents’ peace of mind.

Mobile App Integration

Integrating the mobile app with your school management software is a huge necessity. This is very important to work seamlessly, and this is made possible with the help of easy integration within the same school management software. Having a mobile app will ensure to work more efficiently, the teachers can send the notifications like assignments, tests, exams, results, progress reports via mobile app from anywhere and anytime. They can also well-communicate with the parents through the mobile app integration by sending any circular, students remarks, or progress reports directly to the parents.

Learning Management Integration

Integration of school management software with Learning Management Systems (LMS) imparts and inspires technology-driven learning in schools. Having a Learning Management system is a significant tool that must be integrated into the school management software. This integration will provide the educators to give access to existing online material and curriculums without the need for migrating.

Tally Integration

This is a perfect example of an integration made necessary by the existing status quo. While the school management system has its own accounts and financial management capabilities, the Tally integration is the one most used by many accountants and other financial personnel. If the school management software provider gives tally integration then it will migrate all the financial transactions from school fee management software to Tally without any hassles. The school administration can easily track the details of the transaction from tally and software.

Above are the 7 integrations that must be available in any school management software, it is the time where one should take advantage of the latest advancements and updates that modern technology has to offer for the education sector. Choosing school management software that supports the integration will not only enhance the managing school tasks but also helps the teachers, students, parents’ experience better, and makes the learning procedure a lot more fun for the students. So, don’t waste any more time and select the best school management software MyEdu which is tailored to the institute’s configuration.

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