Parent-Teacher interaction is vital for a child’s overall performance and growth. Parent-teacher meetings are an excellent opportunity to discuss student performance and improvement, but they occur a few times during the school year. But in today’s scenario school management software can assist in effective communication between parents and teachers.

Role of school management system in enhancing parent-teacher communication

In the earlier days, a school diary was the only way to communicate with parents, but technology has completely changed that. The School management software has changed the way teachers and parents interact with each other.
The school’s teachers and admin departments have many activities like managing timetables, fee collection, etc. Many parents like to know about all the activities in their kids’ school and the school ERP system is the best way to keep proper communication between school and parents.

The ways by which the school ERP can keep parents updated include:

#1. Scheduling PTA meetings:

Using the ERP, schools can instantly tell parents about the meetings to mark them up on their calendars. Any changes in date and time can also be quickly and almost immediately intimidated by them.

#2. Providing access to progress report:

Parents these days like to stay updated about their kids’ performance. Earlier, they had to wait for the Annual Report Card Day to check their ward’s report card, but with the ERP system’s help, they can check it anytime and anywhere. It helps identify the gap between the kid’s learning and understanding and makes it easier to identify the areas where the child might need improvement.

#3. Instant update on attendance report:

The school ERP sends instant messages to the parents alerting them if their kid misses a day in school or college. It lets them keep track of days when their child has missed school and the day they have attended.

#4. Updates on critical information:

Instead of relying on the information passed on through printed media, schools can let the parents know about the activities going on in the school. They can even schedule a reminder for the parents to take the necessary when the date comes closer.

#5. Live bus tracking:

In today’s time, parents like to be updated about their kids’ whereabouts when traveling on the bus to school or when they have gone for a school trip. The school ERP system gives the parents a live status about the kids’ whereabouts from when they board the bus to the time they get off. It also sends a notification informing them if the bus meets with an accident.

Some research suggests that parents’ involvement in the kids’ lives plays a significant role in their success. A positive relationship between the parent and the teacher also results in the children’s future success and growth in and outside the class.

But building such a relationship can be a challenging task as both the parent and the teacher have minimal time with them, and keeping such communication can be a burden for both of them. However, with the help of a school ERP, it is easy to keep the parent updated about assignments, events, strategies, and the children’s performances.

This constant communication is beneficial for both parents and the teachers:

Parents feel connected: The parents, when kept updated about the activities going on in school, feel more connected. It builds trust in their hearts and ensures that they do not put their kids in some other school in the future.

#1. Parents can contribute ideas:

With this continuous communication, parents can give their thoughts about the things that will work for their kids and help the school run in a more efficient manner, which is one of the best ways to make sure that they bring out the best in every kid.

#2. Parents can volunteer:

Parents can volunteer and participate in the school activities and help meet their needs when they are well informed about such activities.

#3. Address and resolve parental anxiety:

When kids go to a new school, parents are often anxious and have many questions in their minds related to their child’s safety. Creating an environment such as open communication can reduce that anxiety and help the parents when they see their kid settling down.

The relationship between parent and teacher cannot be built in just one night; it requires time and effort. School ERP system can create such an environment where there is constant communication and building trust.

Parents have a proper understanding of their kids. They know what motivates them and what bores them. Through Communication app, parents and teachers can shape a future that is best suited for their children and help provide them a better education.

Why is it important for teachers to communicate with parents?

School is a child’s second home. In the initial years of development, a child must be under observation all the time so that nothing goes unnoticed. It is essential for a child’s academic as well as mental well-being.

Parent involvement helps keep kids stay on track and make sure they reach their full potential. Regular Parent-Teacher interaction encourages parents to actively support their child with studies and make them interested in school work and curious about new topics. It is not just about homework and academics.

The child would begin to feel at home in school; it wouldn’t seem like a foreign place. He will be comfortable sharing his problems with his teachers, which would lower the risk of mental illness, depression, etc.

Education should be in easy, free, and comfortable surroundings. Hesitant, awkward people cannot focus soon and adequately develop social anxiety. Sometimes, parents are over-involved in their child’s studies and school life. Children then begin to get immune to their parents’ advice.

In such cases, Parent-Teacher interaction should also occur in the student’s presence. That would help the child understand his faults, problems, and issues. Everything should be transparent for everyone.

Parent-Teacher interaction also helps identify students with different issues and disabilities. Identifying such needs at early childhood might improve the child’s future, if left uncared for, they turn out to be detrimental for the child.
Final words

In this tech era, school management software is the right way to communicate between parents and teachers. They are easy to use, fast, and have records of messages. If you are looking for Teacher-Parent Communication Apps, Schedule a free demo with MyEdu.

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