The use of free school management app is gaining popularity in schools across the world. The interest in this app is increasing as more schools are buying it because of the positives that it brings to classroom learning. However, there are dissenting views on the use of this app in schools. Those against the system have brought out their own points of argument against the introduction of the app into the school system.

We are going to classify these arguments against the system as myths with solid proofs to back up our point of argument.

It Brings Distraction

The argument here is that bringing a personal app to the school by students will cause distractions to the students. It is a fact that students can play games with it. They can watch videos that are not connected to the school curriculum. Further, they will have access to browse inappropriate websites. A lot of time will be spend on social media.

Included in the long list of arguments is the fact that students will seize the opportunity to watch their favorite series rather than concentrating on their studies. The list is long; a few of the distractions are mention above.

Now, let us come to the positives; the app to access the school learning management system. Research for a school paper can be conduct online. Facts can be check very fast and students are free to make use of productivity tools. Facts show that the challenges that we listed above are not as pronounced as it was fear when the apps were introduce into the classroom. Disciplinary issues bothering on the use of technology have indeed gone down since the introduction of the apps.

Paper-Based Records Are Enough For Small Institutes

This is yet another point of argument that will never stand the test of time. Yes, for the first year and a little beyond, things might run smoothly. But when the decades bring to set in, the reality of the uselessness of the paper records will begin to show. More time that is to be used for other productive activities will be spent on paper works because it will get messier as the years roll on.

The use of the school management system will save space; make record retrieval easy with a touch on the icon of the device. Smart decision making can be taken by the school board.

The Cost Is High

Cost is another factor that people place as a barrier to introducing the software into the school system. Again, what the school needs in terms of features are very minimal. 

With that in mind, the cost of purchasing any of the devices will not be as high as it was anticipated. If price research is conduct among the options that are available, it will be seen that these apps can be gotten at a very cheap rate.

School Management Software Is Not Safe

Another hurdle that people think will be on the path of introducing this app into the school system has to do with safety. We are all aware of the hazards created online by online hackers who hack into the system to reap where they have not sown. There are fears bothering on the safety of data; malware; viruses; safe browsing and software licenses. 

There is no perfect system; every new invention is only an improvement on the last. There are no issues with the aforementioned areas of concern if schools put in place strong and well-protected internet connections. All the areas of possible leaks mentioned above can be corrected if measures to guide against them are put in place. All the security issues can be covered pretty perfectly.

The Management Of The Software

There is this belief that you are going to need a dedicated faculty to take care of the school app. There are quite a number of functionalities that are involved and it is the belief in some quarters that the experts have to come in to help manage the system. 

This is far from the truth because the school software is design with the users in mind. It will be quite easy to train the existing faculty on the use of the app.

Hidden Cost Of School Management System

There is also an argument based on the fact that indirect and hidden costs will rear its head during the course of time when the app is introduced into the system which was never budgeted for in the first place. This argument cannot be thrown away with a wave of the hand; however, you can easily overcome this challenge by making sure you are placing your order from a transparent company that will give you all the details at the point of purchase.

You can liaise with the sales team to get to know what the cost of maintenance will be on the model for the next three years. This will help in preparing you for any challenge that might come up along the line. With that, you are not going to incur any expenditure that you did not plan for in the first place.

Introducing It When The Institute Grows Big

Another myth has to do with owners’ of institutes thinking that they do not need the app when they begin in the early stages. The belief that they will introduce the app when the school grows big is the wrong calculation. 

Getting the data from the early stages will prove very difficult because there will be a lot of data to be digitalized. It is safe, to begin with, the app from the word go.

They Require High-Quality Computers To Run

Another belief has to do with the need for high-end computers are needed to run the school software. There is the belief that the cost of the high-end computers will be on the high side for the schools to fund. This point of an argument is yet another myth that is far from the truth. 

The school software can easily run on your browser. Some of them can be operated from a low priced Android phone as well. The cost that you are going to get in setting up the school app will definitely bring down your IT purchase budget.

It Will Deepen The Digital Divide

Another argument against the school app is that it will deepen the digital divide among the students. Those that bring up this line of argument are of the belief that parents’ financial abilities differ.

The rich parents can afford the apps while students whose parents do not have the means will be left in the cold. The fact remains that all fingers are not equal; even at that, this point of argument cannot hold water.

For better effectiveness that will carry everybody along, schools can make their students work in groups. This will enhance collaboration and a device will take care of two to four kids at a time. Libraries, computer labs, & other outlets can stay open for extra hours to cater to the interests of students that are at a disadvantage.

The above are some of the biggest myths about the school app. You can see from the arguments stated above that they are no excuse because the merits of the school app far outweigh any form of challenges that anyone might think of that will work to the contrary.

Making each student have access to technology in the classroom is not a misplaced priority in this digital world that we find ourselves. The school app is a must-have in every school across the world.

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