Can Technology Bridge the Communication Gap between School, Parents and Teachers

Indulge parents in their kid’s development to relish 100% pleasure of Parenthood.

Undoubtedly, the Communication gap a thing nowadays in Indian parents. The biggest root cause noticed is the increasing stress due to busy professional lives parents experience in India.

The parents have less time to manage all types of chores and over that all communications and activities related to school. The key challenge in this Hotchpotch is to cope up with this gap. Hence, the appropriate solution to this needs to begun at earliest.

Many types of research for over a decade has shown that parental involvement has a direct impact on a child’s success. The typical pressure of work-load in professional life has created it’s a powerful aura for people to attend each event that the child’s faculty organizes.

Millions of parents have shared the same challenges over and over again of not being able to keep up with smooth communications and being able to give their 100% contribution to parenthood.

Hence, MyEdu has been so welcomed by schools, colleges, and institutes. The use of technology to bridge this gap between school/college, parents and the faculties has shown a mind-blowing success.

Technology, in this situation definitely plays an extraordinary and crucial but vital role. Technology blessing as MyEdu assists in planning and bridging this gap between school/college, parents and their children. Significantly by indulging the busy parents in their kid’s life. Researchers have shown that school management apps ease to break the barriers between students, parents, and teachers.

Your involvement has a vital impact on your Child’s Success and Development.

According to parents, each school must have a school management app and all teachers should compel to begin practicing it on a daily basis. Also, we have received many parents sharing that the kids explore the app and which helps the students explore new things and arouse excitement and curiosity in them.

Further, they added to adaption to the changing time the school management compel to introduce mobile apps in their daily operations to smoothen out the relationship with parents. All this implies that parents are cooperative and optimistic to use the school app.

Technology provides a huge platform for colleges to track down the progress and activities going around at intervals too. Notifications about school assignments/ projects, faculty fees, faculty activities, functions, student’s behavior, etc. It narrows down the communication between school and the faculties in real-time and forever connected via Myeducom.

Technology has become a Key to our smart neighborhoods, why not use it to its Supreme.

The majority of researches express that education with school management software have proven to create a unique environment which in turn have brought us nearer to their children too.

The old-school communication in the past had its natural barrier of developing any form of relationship between the school management, teachers, and parents. Additionally, whereas the selection face-to-face meetings were a logistical nightmare to set up, they were completely command to mark necessary events if they often become very stressful and time-consuming.

In recent years, technology has improvised us by providing smart solutions and playing key roles in bridging the gaps. One example of the way technology is getting accustomed was when Boarding School with hotel facilities experienced the benefits of MyEdu.

The busy parent from across India can track, interact, and collaborate with parents about the child’s progress real-time MyEdu has unique features from a triangular vision for School management such as attendance management, database management, staff shift and leaves calendar, fee reports, gallery optimization, To-Do-List, Mass messaging tool, and ore.

Especially for Parent’s features like online payments, attendance monitoring, activities, sports, educational progress report, digital diary, announcements and much more. Similarly, it uses texts and emails to convey necessary notifications and updates to the broader faculty community.

MyEdu – A Smart Communication Tool

MyEdu has created an extra star for the schools and colleges through this proactive initiative making it approachable to parents, inviting families to become extra involved in their children’s education. The school also uses the school management software to contact kids who have received appreciations and enticing them to attend the school’s weekly praise meeting, where student’s work is showcased to everyone at school.

The system uses to inform updates relating to SATs revision, to send details of once faculty clubs, or to distribute knowledge relating to any type of conferences. Along with so it is also used to report missing schoolwork, or to cue for approaching deadlines for library books and any owed fines.

Similarly, few schools have already started sending weekly updates on what is happening in class to parents, staff, guardian representatives across India seamlessly. The school has even introduced a fortnightly fun science quiz via email, demonstrating the move towards an extra cooperative approach to education and learning.

Most schools want to maintain an honest relationship with families. Their co-operation and support can produce a real distinction also, children see themselves as learners and act in learning.

Real-time and regular communication relating to the child’s individual development and achievements is also a key part of successful partnership work.

But, throughout those colleges, they can also either receive compliments or leave themselves receptive to criticism. Colleges that get the idea of building a communication step by step, stage by stage, year by year have made major progress in their popularities and rankings at educational excellence. Families have been receiving the training progressively my our team while getting onboarding, which in turn has rewarded it with amazing results, feedbacks, and happy parents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Extra-ordinary parental involvement in a child’s ongoing progress.
  • Less time accessibility the key reason for parent’s less involvement in colleges.
  • Real-time communications and report generating.
  • Schools have observed a noticeable decrease in the communication gap between parents and school.

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