Today various sectors have adopted the technology for the betterment of their industry. Even the education sector too especially to meet the requirements of remote learning. Having a school management system that offers online classroom software is one way by using which the teachers and the students can stay connected and start learning. There are many schools, colleges, and even universities that are adopting this new method of teaching to ensure uncompromised learning of the students.

The school management system that offers online classroom software is an unconventional way of teaching but still, it is the most effective and well-needed. Many teachers are quite aware of this and also started working efficiently even in the virtual platform. This kind of learning and teaching is a big challenge, especially for the teachers. They have to be sure that the students are not distracted and losing their interest during such times. It is very important that the teachers are keeping a proper and thorough check on the students’ attendance.

One can better deal with this issue by getting school management software like MyEducomm that ensures that student attendance is tracked perfectly without any errors. Attendance tracking is a crucial challenge for teachers. But tracking attendance is very useful for many numbers of individuals like teachers, school administration, students, and also for their parents.

Attendance tracking plays a vital role in enhancing the student attendance rate. It gives students a sense of responsibility that encourages the students to attend classes regularly and to minimize absenteeism. The tracking of the students’ attendance will also let the school administration get a clear analysis and statistics, to compare the results with other schools, and also to find the suitable ways to maximize the students’ presence in the classes in the future.

Below-mentioned is some quick tips that will help the teachers to track the attendance of each student regularly.

Manual Method

Teachers can utilize the manual method of getting students’ attendance even while using the online classroom software. They can maintain a register like they usually do when in school like the old traditional times for students’ attendance. Even in the virtual world, the taking of attendance can be once all the students are available online in the online classroom software. This method is quite useful for the teachers to know whether the students are attentive while taking the classes or not. But, there are few disadvantages of the manual method of attendance one is the uncertainty after taking the attendance. There are very high chances that the students even after giving attendance in the mid might leave and the teacher might not notice that the students who are attending the classes will be higher so it makes it quite difficult for the teacher even to notice which student has dropped out during the ongoing class.

Polls and Quiz

One of the quickest and easiest approaches to track the students’ attendance is, the teacher can prepare a quick quiz or some kind of poll on the topic discussed in the respective classes. By sending out a small quiz in the form of a poll or survey to the students who were in the online classes would be a great benefit. This will help the teachers understand well which students were present in the classes and how many of them were attentive too. This is one of the best, simple, and very effective ways to know the students’ presence in the class. There is ample school management system software that offers this feature by default.

Video Calling

The other better way to get maximum student attendance and engagement to keep the camera ON by all the students so that the teachers can see the faces of students. The teachers can also check the activities done by the students throughout the class. This is a good idea but consumes high bandwidth and best possible only if there is stronger connectivity with no technical issues, and there are chances that all the students won’t have high-speed internet. This can be tackled by enabling the video once the classes are begun and then disabling the video once the classes are ended.

Questions Randomly

This is one of the best and easy methods to ensure maximum engagement of the students while using the online classroom software. The teachers can ask students random questions about the topic being covered in the respective class and will give the teachers clear insights on the students’ participation. The teachers should be aware that they are not asking questions by following a particular order for instance following roll numbers, alphabetical order, picking a random student, and asking the questions will ensure the students pay extra attention while the class is going on. This will also help to determine the attendance of the students also and will motivate all students to focus well during the online class. This will also restrict the students to leave the on-going class in the middle due to the fear of getting caught up. The teachers can take the answers from the students either through chat or via audio that is available in the online classroom software.


Tracking student attendance is a vital practice that helps for the growth of the student and to perform well in academics. MyEducomm school management system offers the best online classroom software that also has a seamless attendance tracking feature which is enabled in it. Request a demo today to know more about the school management!

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