What Role can The Education ERP System Play in Students’ Exam Results Management?

Conducting an examination remains to be one of the most complicated tasks for schools and colleges. It becomes even more complicated for institutions that have a higher number of students. Room allocation, staff member allocation, creating examination papers for various standards/courses, and finally, calculating as well as the declaration of results are the procedures. Fortunately, the school ERP solution has made pre and post-exam procedures easy for educational institutions.

School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps in managing and getting the best out of the available resources. From managing online admission, fee-collection, study material distribution, to conducting online examination and result declaration, the cloud-based software can streamline and automate several administrative tasks. 

Managing Pre and Post Examination Tasks In Case Of Traditional Pen and Paper Format Exams

Some schools and colleges still believe in conducting mid-term or final exams in traditional pen and paper format. The procedure often becomes mentally daunting for the administrators, teachers due to the lack of adequate human resources. 

The school ERP system helps in simplifying enormous tasks like room allocation, setting and printing exam paper, as well as ensuring they usually reach every classroom. The Enterprise Resource Planning software can program to allot answer sheets for evaluation to teachers.

Physical answer sheet copies can be scan and uploaded on the school website to help students understand where they lost marks. The ERP software helps in managing pre-examination, exam execution, as well as post-examination tasks.

Online Exams Ensure Zero Errors In Various Procedures

No doubt, the online examination and result evaluation process remains error-free. Students can request re-evaluation online, and the software can re-evaluate, show results within minutes. It can even offer the most accurate answers to students and highlight what went wrong in their responses. 

The cost of conducting exams reduces considerably due to the absence of paper. Mark sheets are digital, and results can be available via email, school-app, or website.

Any teacher would point out that setting a question paper involves a lot of preparation. However, creating an online test takes a few minutes. The online examination management module can help in selecting questions and setting up a paper in only a few minutes. The test can be upload according to students’ ID numbers and made available for pupils during the desired examination timeframe.

Answers can be enter into the software for checking the submitted tests for calculating marks on an automated basis as well. Teachers can double-check the results and email results to students on an individual basis or print and distribute physical copies.

Teachers, administrators can set criteria for a percentile system, grading system to assess every student’s performance for the academic session. Generating CCE reports, creating merit lists was never so easy.

Thanks to MyEdu result management software, all the processes of creating tests and declaring results can be executed effortlessly. Assignments, tests, exams can be uploaded on the school portal or apps. 

Maintaining Various Records

The school’s responsibility is not just limited to conducting exams and declaring results. There are several records to maintain, including the ones for exam questions, credit-accumulated after each exam for future reference.

The ERP software stores data in cloud-based servers so that reports can be generated, shared and downloaded within minutes. 

Results for final examination play a crucial role in shaping the pupil’s future as academic result mark sheets need to be submitted while enrolling for higher studies or applying for a job at a later stage. Thus, it is the responsibility of every educator to ensure exams are conducted on time, and results are declared accurately.  

Put simply; the automation system is the only option for making pre and post-examination procedures digital. As data remains stored at a centralized database, the institution does not need to worry about setting server rooms or other hardware infrastructure as well. 

Online Exam And Result Management Software Crucial For Institutions That Offer Distance Learning Courses

Many educational institutes offer part-time diploma or certificate courses for distance learning students. The online examination system plays a crucial role when it comes to evaluating the students’ knowledge as a conclusion for the course. 

During the last decade, even distance learning students had no option but to appear for traditional pen and paper format exams. Thankfully, these days, online assignments can be assigned to distance learning pupils on the institute’s website, and they can get the results immediately after answering the last question. The examination management module can also program to automatically issue certificates on the complication of the course in PDF format.

If you are searching for a dedicated exam and result management solution, MyEdu result management software can prove to be the best choice. MyEdu has developed ERP solutions for several educational institutions.

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