Can an education ERP system help in exam and student result management?

School management system or school ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software helps the institute’s administrators in managing crucial day-to-day functions. The ERP software makes the school admin team’s work easy, from online admission and fee payment processing to managing students’ data, scheduling exams, and declaring results, everything is done digitally. Educational institutions save time, cost, and human resources.

Complete pre-examination procedures within minutes 

No matter if the exam is online or offline (pen and paper-based), there’s a lot of pre-examination work for the institution’s administrators. From selecting questions for the test, creating a schedule for the exam, allotting rooms and staff, and finally getting question sheets printed, all the procedures are consuming. Thankfully, the school ERP system helps to organize all this in just a few clicks. If the exam is online, all that the teacher needs to do is choose questions for the test, and everything else can be managed within minutes. 

Significance of practice assignments before the quarterly tests 

Most schools and colleges conduct assessments and exams to test the knowledge acquired by the students during the concerned timeframe. 

The scores of post-module assignments are often considered as a measure to evaluate the teaching and instructional quality. Such mock-exams also help in improving the performance of students at all grades during the quarterly tests.

Assignments play a crucial role in evaluating the teaching quality and assessing the need for intellectual demand in the selected batch of students. The insights from these results can be used to make changes in the teaching methods, resulting in improved student outcomes. The data can help in determining the extent to which students remain engaged in learning during the session. Further, teachers and schools can set priorities for improvement accordingly. 

Unfortunately, until the last decade, most educational institutions had to conduct paper-based assignments and tests. Thus, considering the expenditure and required resources, it was not possible to conduct assessments after each module’s completion. Thankfully, online evaluations have made the entire process simple and easy for administrators. 

Testing knowledge is one of the core responsibilities of the educational institution’s administration. Thankfully, modern school ERP systems have made the procedures quick and easy

Online exams and tests with a digital results management system  

The School ERP system’s result management module offers a host of benefits. 

The ERP system assigns tests and exams to the selected batch of students. It automatically issues schedule related notifications to trainees and their parents via messages, email, and school app as well. 

After the online exam, the ERP software’s exam results module can check answers, calculate the score for each student, and generate results within minutes. There is no need for the professor to go through answers manually, or check and enter results in on various sheets to create records. 

Saves teachers from the tedious and time-consuming task

The traditional system required several weeks for result declaration, as teachers had to check physical copies of the paper. These days, instead of waiting for weeks, the exam results can be declared within minutes. Students do not have to face stress and anxiety anymore. 

Updating marks in case of exam correction 

The teacher needs to feed the right answers for selected questions in the system. In the case of rechecking, the system completes the tedious process within minutes. If required, corrections can be made in the results on a real-time basis, resulting in changes in the student’s marks on all the platforms. 

Error-free evaluation 

As the evaluation procedure is digital, there is no scope for mistakes or human errors in the calculation of marks. The result management process becomes error-free without human interference. 

Exam results data remains secured 

Until the last decade, schools had to spend a fortune on printing question papers, provide answer sheets to students and then store the same for a few years. These days, the test and results related data is stored on cloud-based storage systems. Information is stored securely in the servers, and can only be accessed by individuals authorized by the administrators. Thus, it makes data storing easier and cost-effective than before for schools. 

Advanced school management apps 

Most of the organizations have started online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational institutions are operating with minimum staff. Fortunately, education ERP solutions help the admin team organize sessions, monitor attendance, conduct post-module assessments, and communicate results with parents as well. Some of the ERP system features can also be accessed via the school management app. If you need a team of professionals to help you choose and deploy the best suitable School management Erp, for your institution, you should get in touch with MyEdu. The edu-tech firm has earned a superb reputation due to its school management software and parent-teacher communication apps that are helping several renowned schools in the country.

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