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How Attendance Tracker Can Solve Attendance Problems?

Many of us have gone through school and college with our names being called by the teacher at the beginning of each class for attendance. Many others experienced a more advanced system where you had to punch in your ID card in a sensor, while a few of the students went through the transition from the pen-and-paper to the automated

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How Is Place-based Learning Once Again Emerging & Changing The Face Of Education?

Schools from developed as well as developing nations are integrating technology in the field of education. Using technology in teaching is helping in taking down the wall between real-world and school culture. Technology is also adding a new life to some age-old training techniques, and place-based learning is one of them. What’s Place-Based Education? An individual can learn best when

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Can The Online Admission System Prove Beneficial For Educational Institutions?

Parents prefer reading reviews written by Edu experts as well as those from former students before selecting the institution for their child’s admission. A school website with detailed information about the study syllabus and pictures of the premises are basic things that every parent expects. Besides maintaining a world-class website, supporting online admission is the need of the hour for

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Transform School Functioning By Implementing Timetable Management Software

Compare doing your essay or project on paper versus doing it on the computer. Thinking of it first gives you a headache, while you do not even give a thought about the latter. Digital devices have given us the power to do tedious & difficult tasks in a matter of a few clicks & taps. Like individuals use personal computers

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Myths of the Free School Management App

The use of free school management app is gaining popularity in schools across the world. The interest in this app is increasing as more schools are buying it because of the positives that it brings to classroom learning. However, there are dissenting views on the use of this app in schools. Those against the system have brought out their own

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Can MyEdu App resolve parent-teacher communication issues faced by schools and colleges?

Students who know about regular communication between their parents and teachers tend to show more effort and perform better in school. On the other hand, kids from schools where there’s no parent-teacher communication, often end up pitting the two against each other. It proves counterproductive and creates problems for all three stakeholders. Studies have already demonstrated how the involvement of

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Top Hidden Features of Fees Management Software That Will Make Your Life Easier

Your employees use feature-rich MyEdu school management software and fall into a routine. In the process, one may not discover hidden features that speed up the process and improve relationships with parents. Find out the top hidden features that live within the school fees management system and one can get the work done much more faster. Fee Schedule The innocuous-looking

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Importance Of Safer School Bus And Transport Management System

There was a time when children used to attend a nearby school within walking distance of their homes and the world was a safer place since everyone knew everyone in the neighbourhood. Today, it is vastly different. Cities have grown larger. Parents are choosy about schools for their children and some of the best schools may be about 30 to

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Why School Management Application Is Trending In The Education Industry?

From giving consent for kid’s participation in various activities, saving exam dates in the phone’s calendar, paying schools fees, checking teacher’s remarks and test performance. There are several features that these apps have in store. • Access to a wealth of information at all times These days almost all the high-school students have access to smartphones and tablet PCs. Thus,

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